Many Tips How To Build Great Tech Team , You know?

Tue Jan 29 08:44:30 2019

Best Tech team are not instant born, they’re made. While the excellence of a product derived from a team that was happy and had the talent to be a process that is enjoyable and painless.

  • What is an API? In English, please.
    Wed Jan 16 03:17:48 2019

    Before I learned software development, API sounded like a kind of beer.

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  • How to Launch an MVP and Scale Your Startup
    Tue Jan 15 09:45:24 2019

    You may be familiar with the MVP. Not the best player on a sport’s team, the other one. The Minimum Viable Product. The most basic proof of concept a startup builds to validate their business idea. What most entrepreneurs fail to realize is that the MVP is not a destination, it is a journey, and therefore, a process.

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  • Importance of Market Research for Startups
    Mon Jan 14 09:57:09 2019

    Lego, Starbucks, Coca-Cola are big brands that spend millions of dollars each year on Market research to compete at the highest level and to maintain their point of distinction as a brand and how important it is to get it right even when you are a household name.

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  • How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering
    Thu Dec 27 09:35:14 2018

    Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be taken as investment or legal advice, but rather as a rough template to show the process behind an Initial Coin Offering and what the project’s stakeholders should consider when running one. Given this field is relatively new, best practices on what to do and what not do are still being defined. If you have suggestions or contributions, please comment below or share them with me in a direct message. I will update the post with changes as I collect them.

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  • What Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos Wish You Knew About Tech Startups
    Thu Dec 27 09:24:11 2018

    Every college student has had that professor at least once. The one who was a phenomenal researcher but whose lectures were filled with pedantic insults: “it should be clear that…”, “…and it’s left to you to prove the obvious…”, and “it’s easily shown that…”

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