4 Website development trends 2020 for a startup

Posted 30/09/20

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Website developers work in following the fast-changing on website development trends. So do the businessman or the owner. They would keep update with their website to deliver the best message and value to the target market. Trends within technology are prompted by the website, which is why progress within tech is quite dependent on website development trends. Being creative and adaptable to the circumstances can make your business keep exist. Here are four website development trends 2020 for a startup that is a reference to make your website looks amazing.

#1 Progressive website application

A progressive website application is quite happening times ago. Progressive website application (PWA) is a kind of application software delivers through the website. On the other words, users can access an application on the browser and no need to download it on the application store. PWA is a bridge gap between website and mobile application. PWA brings benefits for users aspect since it does not take a high bandwidth speedy and it still can open while there is no internet connection. Otherwise, they need to leave the platform. PWA has a better performance than the traditional website application. This is because PWA uses JavaSript files that run separately from the main browser thread and proactively control the caching of assets.

#2 Push notifications

The marketing team can take advantage of using pish notifications on the website. They may put promos or update news from their company through push notifications. People familiar with push notifications on their mobile application. But know, people can see it when they browse something on a website without having to install an application. Push notification is widely popular used by e-commerce companies since they want to change visitors become their user or customer. Action button can be integrated with the push notification.

#3 Single page application

A single page application is an application that runs inside the browser and it can reduce loading requirements and waiting time. Single page application delivers a simple linear user experience. Also, single page application can give you access to monitor network operations and investigate page elements and data associated with them. Single page application is easy to debug with the chrome for such application are developed on frameworks like Angular. Single page application can save your time lots. It has a flexible and fast since it does not require to update an entire content but only some dynamic and core content.

#4 Chatbots

Similiar with the push notification, chatbots are also well-known in an e-commerce website. Today, chatbots are applied in almost all types of business. Chatbot enables visitors to gain as many as information when they visit a website through online chatting. It also helps the visitor to guide on how to get something on the website. Chatbot never sleeps. It keeps working for 12 hours although your employee is on a holiday. By taking this advantage, your visitor still can have information whatever they want by chatting on a chatbot.

To sum up, there are some ways to make your website more impressive and powerful by implementing suitable website development trends 2020. A progressive website application, a push notification, a single page application, and a chatbot only a piece of the creation of website development styles.

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