5 Important Signals That you Need Custom Software Development

Posted 31/10/22

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How do you run your current business? Still, waiting to turn to custom software development? Or visiting this article a good signal that you will leave the scars you feel without custom software development? Remember how ineffectiveness and inefficiency you feel because you have yet to switch to custom software development. So what made you look for this article?

So many advantages you can feel when switching to custom software development. However, to be more convincing, you will be invited to remember the bitter things you have or are currently experiencing as an answer to why you should choose custom software development.

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5 Signs to Choose Custom Software Development

  1. No flexibility in products
  2. Overtime Costs
  3. No control over any changes
  4. Workflow May Not Work
  5. Support Can Be Unavailable

1. Products Are Not Flexible, So Change May Not Be Possible

custom software development article

While developing software without custom allows your product to become inflexible over time until it eventually becomes obsolete because the original developer may have yet to make any changes to the software you purchased.

Consider incorporating a commercial solution and developing your own to include new features. But this is only sometimes easy and possible. In addition, you will need additional costs to hire experienced developers to update your software, which becomes sensitive when talking about price.

2. Cost You More Over Time

why i choose custom software

As mentioned earlier, the cost is a sensitive thing. Therefore, the second reason why you should choose custom software is also related to cost. While you may know that custom software costs more at the start of development, which is opposite to commercial software that is cheaper initially, it can cost you more in the long run.

This is due to ongoing costs for product use, such as licenses and additional user fees. In addition, adding extra features or a different version of the software may incur additional charges. In the end, you can spend more, which is why you should choose custom software.

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3. You Have No Control

choose custom software development

Because you have yet to develop your own custom software, you don’t own the product or the source code. Unfortunately, this means you have no control over any changes that can be made or implemented to the effect. This is very detrimental to you. You can not have the software that suits your needs, even as in point one. Your product will wear out over time. Worse yet, you can lose the competition because you need to be up to date.

4. It May not Suit Your Work Process

5 reason to choose custom software development

When you use commercial software, the first problem you face is that it’s designed to cater to many people rather than you. Although the software can be a bit customizable for your business. However, this is not guaranteed.

A lack of features that suit your needs is often found, so it requires extra work to adjust your actual work process. The software you choose must be able to complement how you work, not even make you change how you work. It is essential to choose custom software because everything can be developed according to your business.

5. Support May Be Unavailable Or Lost Over Time

support your business with custom solution

This is another disadvantage if you choose something other than custom software, as well as the reason why you should switch. When you prefer commercial software, the support and availability often vary depending on how much you pay.

In addition, when problems may occur, you will need to find your own support because of the unsupported support. In the end, the costs will swell. So, there is no reason not to choose custom software.


Those are five reasons why you should choose custom software because these five bad things will not be encountered when you choose to develop custom software. On the contrary, you will even find various advantages.

Although at first, you have to pay more during the development stage, in the end, you can feel the long-term benefits. You can look for an outsourcing company to develop your custom software.

If you have agreed to this stage, your next task is to find a software development company. You can consider Emveep as a solution.

Emveep provides an experienced workforce with more than 8 years of flight hours, so you don’t have to worry about working with less competent partners. In addition, you can consult in advance by telling Emveep what you are looking for, what specifications you want, and what technology you use to avoid misunderstandings.

In addition, Emveep is flexible in outsourcing. After completing your project, the Emveep team is ready to support updates and upgrades to your software by providing the best service. Get Quotation and more offers from us Now!


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