7 Reasons To Build A Custom Application Now

Posted 27/09/22

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The era of the covid pandemic may soon pass, but changes in consumer behaviour in shopping using mobile phones have become a new trend. Of course, this is related to what activities they often do when deciding to buy via smartphone.

Based on data from a press release on March 22, 2022, customer retail experience sites, 92% of 13,000 consumers from 13 countries agree that using a device can help them get the best offer or price promotion. The device refers to an application. They are looking for an integrated service that eliminates switching between multiple applications. The generations most affected by this include Gen Z and Millennials.

As head of U.S. partner success, Raji Behal confirmed this research “Consumers are increasingly mobile-oriented in terms of the way they shop and interact with the brands they love. But, of course, they are not only using it to research products, look for price comparisons, and much more”.

So what do business owners need to pay attention to? Moreover, the world’s economic conditions are not doing well. But during an unstable world economy, the Tiktok application sees it differently.

TikTok managed to increase the number of users this year. According to Business of Apps, TikTok already has 1.39 billion monthly active users (MAU) worldwide as of the first quarter of 2022. This number has jumped to 72.17% compared to a year ago. The increasing number of users will be directly proportional to the income achieved. However, Tiktok is not just getting lucky. They know better about the future of the internet.

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Now it’s your business turn to shine. If you have a team in developing applications, you won’t have to bother looking for members of your development team. But if you need to get your development team and are interested in developing custom apps for business, then you’ve come to the right place. We will dive into more detail so that you are more confident in scaling up your business by developing custom apps.

Here are 7 reasons to strengthen your decision to develop custom apps now.

1. Generation of Revenue

Custom mobile apps also contribute to your revenue. You can focus more on developing other services for your customers. Every sector and industry has a similar scope of income creation. For your consideration in determining what kind of industry, we have obtained mobile app revenue data based on industry segmentation. The following is the data.

Build A Custom Application

Source: statista.com

Based on data on Statista, the most vital segment YoY was the mobile games segment, with a revenue of over 200 billion U.S. dollars, followed by social networking mobile apps, which created around 31 billion dollars. So what are you waiting for? You spend money to develop custom apps, assuming a budget of $10,000, but your revenue can be more than what you spend. Interesting, right?

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2. Better Scope in Business

The scope of your business is the scalability of your order application. You can also show the same to the developer if the goal is to extend so that all features are appropriately developed. Even if the scope grows, it can serve your purpose with the same app. You can eliminate the extra cost of upgrading your application and concentrate on other elements of the company.

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3. Keeping your App Data More Secure

You can use local storage or the cloud for your custom applications, depending on the specific needs of your business. After all, the creation of a bespoke mobile app ensures greater security. Multiple authentication levels can be defined for enterprise applications to manage fully customizable employee accessibility. Generic applications do not allow this level of security.

4. Bespoke User Experience

Because user experience is gaining traction, providing a personalized experience to your customers is essential. With a bespoke software development partner, you can fill in the gaps and fulfil your unique business needs and processes. Not only that, personalized user experience turns your customers into loyal customers.

5. Strengthening Your Brand

When you leverage marketing through a mobile app, you have more flexibility when trying to nail down the look and feel of every button, graphic, and text placement. But, again, it’s subconsciously selling your brand to users, and the more intuitive it is, the more likely it is to create the ROI you want to see.

6. Save Employees Time and Energy

A study conducted by ultimate software revealed that 92% of employees feel more productive when they have access to technology that helps them complete their work more efficiently. What’s more, custom mobile apps give you the kind of reach you may never have imagined and can lead you to connect with customers you might not have known.

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7. Unique Points in a Competitive Market

In a competitive market condition, giving your users something unique and special beyond their expectations is crucial. Custom mobile app development helps create extra value for the business as it is made according to the business’s specific requirements.

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The Bottom Line

Essentially, these reasons can convince you to develop custom apps for your business. So when asked by the boss or convincing investors of your business idea through the application, these seven reasons can be your foundation in convincing them.

But again, the decision is in your hands. Want to run fast like an F1 car on a circuit or want to run rough on a track? If you still make sure, you can read more articles about the topic related to this discussion. But if you are sure and confident to develop custom apps, we are ready to help you scale up your business through custom apps. Learn more about our service.

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