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Posted 10/02/23

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The opening of this new year begins with the emergence of Artificial intelligence, or what we often call AI. The development of AI emerged in 1956 at a meeting in Dartmouth. But its appearance this time is because of ChatGPT.

Based on Google Trends, searches on chatgpt break above 4,000% or breakout. Even if you look at the chart, the rising pattern doesn’t run out yet. It has a significant impact on many companies that have started investing in AI.

chatgpt trend

In this article, we will discuss the impact felt by the reappearance of AI due to GPT Chat, especially in software development. The first discussion begins with why chatgpt has such a significant influence on the reappearance of Artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT Open The Opportunity for AI

ai chatbot

ChatGPT was first released last November, and now its active users have set a new record of 100 Million in two months. Even more interesting, the emergence of the AI chatbot has shaken big technology companies, especially Google and Microsoft.

This time, Google feels threatened by the presence of chatbots because the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI can give people direct answers to almost any question.

On the other hand, Microsoft took advantage of this opportunity to inject funds for OpenAI to integrate it into its Bing search engine. Since this article was published, Microsoft has integrated OpenAI into their search engine. With this new integration, users will see search results with AI annotations side by side and chat with an AI model similar to ChatGPT.

It’s not enough to stop there. The emergence of AI has made other big companies move to develop AI, especially in software development. Can AI make faster software development? Check out the following discussion.

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AI Software Engineers

AI software engineer

In recent days one startup company called has been developing AI Software engineers. In a report from PR Newswire, announced a $23 million Series A development project led by CapitalG, with Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, and Amplify Partners. This brings the company’s total funding to $28 million.

Co-founder and CEO Eric Steinberger says Magic’s mission is to accelerate science and make the world more productive with AI. Then he adds a compelling reason, many organizations need to get the developers or programming assistants they need for the software development process. Magic will enable people and organizations to build game-changing technology faster and more efficiently than ever.

Will AI software engineers change the software development market, especially outsourcing companies? Will they be replaced by AI? Or even bring fresh air to software development companies and other companies?

AI Makes Strategic Decisions

AI software development

Because AI and related systems are constrained by many restrictions. For example, the quality of machine learning algorithms depends on the Big Data sets we use to train them. While data scientists build valuable datasets using software, AI systems can quickly and accurately answer essential questions and make predictions. This process can take analysts hours to complete. AI-powered tools can design frameworks, develop KPIs, and assist software engineers in determining which features are necessary and which are not with the correct data.


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AI Automates DevOps

transforming software development

On the other hand, another recent development uses AI-enabled tools to reduce repetitive work and increase productivity. For example, the machine learning tool Aroma suggests code to programmers as they work by spotting related code snippets to spot frequent options and mistakes. Getafix Facebook offers bug fixes, assisting developers in getting past implementation roadblocks.

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AI Creates a Better Development Roadmap

Planning in software development is crucial to meet the needs and timeliness to be launched into the market. With artificial intelligence, you can create highly adaptable lists of action items that summarize project goals and challenges.

AI Predictive Maintenance

Unexpected user behavior can lead to unforeseen updates that require more resources than post-production bug fixes. Artificial intelligence also makes it easier for developers to create multiple use test cases for systems so they can tailor the software to specific groups of users and their needs.

Final Takeaway

In taking the point from the existence of this AI trend, on the one hand, positive things are being built, and on the other hand, things being developed will become a threat in the future. Companies should view this AI development as an opportunity to jump in or update old systems with new systems that use AI to transform the software development process.

As a result, the company needs more time to make adjustments. But this is a technology that has a significant impact on progress. You only need to choose whether you want to be left behind by the times or follow its development.

Our advice is to take your first steps by updating your business decisions to make them more effective and faster. Business decisions are based on real-time, actual, and accurate data. Power BI has various advanced features that can make your business decisions more quickly and efficiently. 

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