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Posted 11/02/21

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Managing programmers is not for the faint of heart. There is even a book that equates ‘programmers’ with ‘the unmanageable’. It’s a great book by the way, and all of us who manage or wish to manage programmers should read it.

Programmers are half engineers and half artists. They don’t like 9-to-5. They like challenges, not stability, so startups are a more exciting place to work compared to your big enterprise. And the tech job market is super hot. Thus, the attrition rate is very high, and keeping up with the turnover, and making sure knowledge is successfully passed, is a difficult job for any company. You don’t want a new developer to come in and say, “Boss, we need to rewrite everything because the old code is a mess”. Do you trust this new guy? And how do you ensure no such thing happens again in the future?

Supporting programmers is quite easy than a business team. They like simple, surely, and good management. They like a cup of coffee to keep focus so they can think and code well.  What else that they need so they are loyal to your company? Simply, they need good management support. Here are some tips to create a good work environment for programmers and developers.

Ergonomic space

This digital age is all about conveniences and there is no exception to a personal workspace. Sitting for hours at a desk will damage your back and cause a lot of problems, so it is important to have quality chairs and desks for your developers. According to the study,  natural light and proper equipment contribute significantly to the efficiency of employees regularly.

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Privacy room 

It’s hard to find a programmer and developer who is happy every day with tight cubicles and noise surrounding them. Modern offices, ignoring privacy and conveniences, try to use every square centimeter of space. When he or she spends hours working on code, each programmer and developer needs enough personal space to focus. It may adversely affect their quality of work to be interrupted by discussions or phone calls. Make sure you give programmers and developers enough room for them to concentrate on their work quietly.

Open environment 

All are openly asked, analyzed, and observed in an open atmosphere and promoted. If someone suggests designing a new coding technique, someone else asks whether it will perform better than the other alternatives. Many developers of software just want to have such an ecosystem where the environment is free and open to discussion. They still feel that issues stimulate conversation and because everyone proposes or asks questions, everyone drives the company forward. For his or her views, nobody is discouraged or criticized, and all opinions are uniformly respected.

Emveep is a software house company that has an adaptable, collaborative, fast-paced, innovative, and vibrant company. We believe, by having this work environment, we hope our employees enjoy coding and helping clients meet their goals. If you are looking for a business partner to develop your IT product development, you can rely on our programmer and developer team.

But if you are still curious about our discussion, you can take a look at our following article below

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