Once Again, Apple Make Metaverse Explode Next Year

Posted 21/12/23

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Quick Overview: Apple Pro Vision VR has more sophisticated features than Meta. Of course, this will change the metaverse world and create new opportunities for Metaverse and Crypto.

This time, the world of Metaverse and Crypto will be surprised by products from Apple, such as the Apple Pro Vision. Previously, this product experienced a delay in its launch this year. However, this product will certainly be launched at the beginning of next year. Many experts say that launching Apple Pro Vision in the market will affect the price increase in the metaverse ecosystem.

How big is the impact of the increase in Metaverse-based token tokens? The following are the results of our observations.

What Metaverse Brought by Apple

The entry of Apple into the Virtual Reality headset market changed the game. Interestingly, Apple does not use the “Metaverse” or Virtual Reality terminology. Technology reporter Mark Guman said Apple was reluctant to use Metaverse or virtual reality terminology. Apple uses spatial computing terminology as a differentiator from its Meta competitors.

The concept brought by Apple through its product is called Universal Scene Description (USD). Apple took several well-known companies to create a 3D world, such as Pixar, Adobe, Autodesk, and Nvidia. It aims to standardize, and developers move their work across a world of 3D creation tools. It makes it much easier for developers to build 3D experiences for everything from VFX and Animation (where it’s already been adopted) to gaming, VR, and metaverse applications.

How Apple Vision Pro Overcoming Metaverse Challenges

The challenge of Metaverse itself is to make the experience of the virtual world the same as the world of reality. Apple Vision Pro brings innovations by presenting the 3D world as if it were presented in the world of reality. According to Kenneth Landau, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud-based Metaverse Platform MyTaverse, Apple’s Vision Pro shows the future of the internet is 3D.

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In addition, Vision Pro provides direct access to all Apple apps: App ecosystems, music, films, and more. This integration distinguishes it from meta devices. While some critics strongly protested that $ 3,499 was too expensive, others praised their functionality and quality. With features such as Lidar Scan and 12 cameras, Vision Pro is an independent power plant, eliminating the need for additional connections to the computer.

Making Metaverse Experiences with Apple Vision Pro

One of the most interesting Metaverse features is the ability to connect virtually with others. However, many find it difficult to connect with avatars like cartoons. Vision Pro aims to complete it by allowing users to create hyper-realistic digital persona. Imagine collaborating with colleagues, attending virtual events, or exploring virtual landscapes – all with the realism and comfort promised by Apple.

The Impact of Apple Vision Pro on Metaverse

The impact of launching of this product in the coming year will affect the movement of Metaverse token tokens because Apple Vision Pro has two supporting devices, visionOS and the first spatial operating system in the world. So that users can interact with each other and feel as if they are physically present in the space. In addition, there is also high enthusiasm from the market, causing speculation that Apple Vision Pro is the key to metaverse adoption.

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