How AR Enhance User Experience in ECommerce

Posted 19/09/23

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Quick overview: Augmented Reality is a tool that has proven to improve customer journeys in buying their product. Products that are more than can be visualized before. Based on the G2 survey, 75% of customers want AR shopping.

Augmented reality shopping is a trend that will be booming in the future. Several companies have implemented AR in their marketing campaign activities. But a few companies have implemented it in customer journeys in shopping. 

The future will likely be a big trend more than livestream shopping, which is currently trending. However, the price is not cheaper to implement AR shopping in your apps. But if you implement that now, it can have a big wave in the future. Discover a benefit, example, and cost in developing AR shopping for your apps.

What is Augmented Reality Shopping?

AR Shopping

Augmented Reality Shopping is the experience when buying a new product like furniture or house paint that can be visual enough and fit in based on your room size. In addition, it means when you buy a product, you can try it first that can fit into your needs.

Several big companies have been implementing their apps and marketing campaigns. A Burger King campaign on their Videotron allows the audience to scan a QR code to find the Burger King location near them. Not only that but also the audience can take whooper as a free.

There are a few activities that work AR for shopping. Another company will be explained in the next section.

How Does It Work AR shopping?

Different companies will utilize AR for various uses. However, most use it to create a better customer experience on mobile apps’ buying journey. The form of using AR can be many variations, such as virtually trying on, customizing, or visualizing products before buying them.

Furthermore, AR shopping can be accessed through various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, or virtual reality headsets. Depending on the device and the app, AR shopping can be integrated into social media platforms, online marketplaces, or brand websites.

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It’s interesting, right? Want to develop it for your business? Discover how we can help you.

The Benefits of AR for Ecommerce Customers and Businesses

There are many benefits that AR brings to innovation in business. Livestream will decline someday, but your business will stay strong because AR has a solution for answering customer challenges in buying a product. We have summarized it for you. Here are several advantages that you must take into consideration.

Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction

AR shopping can make online shopping more fun, interactive, and personalized, allowing customers to explore different products, features, and options realistically. AR shopping can also help customers make more informed and confident purchase decisions, reducing the need for returns or exchanges.

Boosting brand awareness and loyalty

AR shopping can help brands stand out, showcase their products more appealingly and innovatively, and create a stronger connection with their customers. AR shopping can also increase customer retention and loyalty, as customers are more likely to revisit and recommend AR-enabled apps or websites.

Driving sales and revenue

AR shopping can increase customer conversion and retention rates, as customers are more likely to buy products they have tried on or seen in their environment. AR shopping can also increase customer spending, as customers are more likely to purchase additional or complementary products they have discovered or customized through AR.

Examples of AR Commerce Apps in Action

AR commerce apps can also provide users with more information, feedback, and personalization options, making the shopping process more engaging and fun. We will look at some examples of AR commerce apps in action, focusing on three categories: shoes, furniture, and cosmetics.

Virtual Fitting Shoes by Nike

Virtual Fitting Shoes by nike

Nike is one of the leading brands in the sports and footwear industry, and it has been using AR to enhance its products and services. One of its AR commerce apps is the Nike Fit app, which allows users to measure their feet and find the best fit for their shoes.

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The Nike Fit app uses a smartphone camera to scan the user’s feet and create a 3D model. Then, it compares the model with the data of different Nike shoes and recommends the optimal size and style for the user. The app also shows how the shoes would look on the user’s feet and allows them to switch between different colors and models.

The Nike Fit app aims to solve the problem of inconsistent sizing. It returns to the online shoe market, as well as to provide a more personalized and convenient shopping experience for customers. According to Nike, the app can improve the accuracy of shoe fitting by up to 60% and reduce the return rate by 50%.

Shoes Sampler by Converse

converse sampler AR

Converse is another well-known brand in the footwear industry, and it has also adopted AR to create a more engaging and innovative shopping experience for its customers. One of its AR commerce apps is the Converse Sampler app, which allows users to try on different Converse shoes virtually using their smartphone.

The Converse Sampler app uses the smartphone camera to detect the user’s feet and overlay a 3D model of the selected shoe on them. The app also allows users to rotate, zoom, and move their feet to see the shoe from different angles and perspectives. Users can choose from hundreds of Converse shoes and switch between different colors and styles.

The Converse Sampler app aims to provide a more fun and interactive way for customers to explore and discover new products and share their preferences and opinions with their friends and social networks. According to Converse, the app has increased the conversion rate by 30% and the average time spent on the app by 50%.

IKEA AR Shopping App

IKEA AR shopping App

IKEA is a global leader in the furniture and home improvement industry, and it has been using AR to improve its customer service and satisfaction. One of its AR commerce apps is the IKEA Place app, which allows users to preview and place IKEA products in their homes.

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The IKEA Place app uses the smartphone camera and ARKit to scan the user’s environment and create a realistic and accurate representation. Then, it allows users to select from thousands of IKEA products, and drag and drop them into their space. The app also adjusts the products’ size, scale, and lighting to match the environment, showing how they would look and fit in the user’s home.

The IKEA Place app aims to help customers visualize and plan their home improvement projects and reduce the uncertainty and risk of buying furniture online. According to IKEA, the app has increased customer engagement and loyalty and the sales and revenue of its products.

The Future of AR in E-commerce

Based on G2, 75% of global shoppers want AR shopping. It means that most shoppers are really understanding and ready to use AR in their shopping. However, they mentioned in the survey that a lack of technology expertise may cause customer aversion to AR-based campaigns and advertising. But it is not a problem cause live streaming is born viral, and people must understand this technology.

Furthermore, AR commerce apps are expected to grow and expand as more brands and industries adopt and implement this technology. AR commerce apps can revolutionize the online shopping market and create new and exciting opportunities for customers and retailers.

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