Why React Framework is Good Choice For Web Development

Posted 19/09/23

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Quick Overview: Most websites take on the benefit of react for their optimization of channel marketing, the performance of the web, user experience, and also saving their time from development.

React Framework is a smart choice for web development. Many startups also use the React framework to speed up their development process. At this time we talk about react framework in a comprehensive analysis that we did in the past.

What is React JS?

React JS was created by Facebook in 2011 as an open-source library for building user interfaces. It uses a component-based architecture that allows you to create reusable UI elements that can be composed together to form complex applications. React JS also uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that updates only the parts of the UI that change, resulting in faster rendering and better user experience.

React JS is not a full-fledged framework, but rather a library that focuses on the view layer of your application. You can use it with other libraries and tools, such as Redux, React Router, Next.js, and more, to create a complete web development stack.

What Benefits of React Framework for Web Development?

If you are still unsure about using the React framework for website creation, we have summarized for you the 5 advantages that you will get if you use the React programming language.

1. Developer team able to provide a better user experience

Developers can take advantage of ReactJS from UI Framework library components to improve the user experience even better.

Uber Eats Website

UberEats is a website that implements Tailwind CSS on Progressive Web Apps built using the React Ecosystem. By using the React native technology, UberEats is able to make its website faster. We analyze the website speed as B based on GT Metrix.

Latest performance report by GT Metrix

As a result, The website will perform better and give users the best experience. As confirmed by Google regarding the Google page experience, “It is highly recommended that site owners achieve good Core Web Vitals for search success and to ensure a great user experience”.

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2. Highly customizable design

Another advantage of React JS is that it uses a special way of writing code that lets them use HTML and JavaScript together. HTML is a language that tells the browser what the page looks like, and JavaScript is a language that tells the browser what the page does. By using them together, they can make the page more dynamic and interactive.

3. Asset Optimization

Furthermore, with react benefits, you can get hassle-free to optimize assets of your website. Assets are things like images, fonts, or icons that make the website look nicer or more interesting. React helps them make their assets smaller and faster, so they don’t take up too much space or time when you load the website.

For example, they can use tools like Webpack or Parcel to bundle and minify their code, which means they put their code together and remove any extra parts that are not needed. They can also use tools like ImageOptim or SVGO to compress and optimize their images, which means they make their images smaller without losing quality.

4. Capable of a lot of motion and animation

This is the interesting part of the benefits of using react, capable of implementing motion and effect on websites. Which means they can make their website move or change in different ways. In React library you can use React Spring or Framer Motion to create smooth and natural animations with physics-based models.

Not only that, you can create 3D graphics or virtual reality experiences with React Three Fiber. As a result, the website is more interactive, with feedback, or storytelling elements to the website. However, they should also be careful not to use too much motion or animation or cause layout shifts that can make the website hard to use or annoying.

5. Better performance and fewer resources

Finally, you can take a deep breath cause heavy resources do not happen anymore. This is because React uses a virtual DOM, which is like a copy of the actual page in memory. React compares the virtual DOM with the actual page and updates only the changes, instead of changing the whole page.

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This process makes the website work faster and smoother. It also makes the website use less memory and CPU power of your device, which means it doesn’t drain your battery or slow down your device.

4 Strong Reasons Big Companies Use React Framework for Build Website

1. React Framework is Good For Marketing Channels on Google

Do you know Gatsby.js? This programming language can support you to appear above competitors in search. Even more interesting, the Gatsby framework is still part of the React ecosystem. Then what is it used for? Gatsby’s coding language can create content management systems like WordPress, Netlify, and Drupal. 

Besides that, support for SEO needs such as adding meta titles, descriptions, and others has been covered by this one programming language. This makes React Framework always the choice of big companies and NFTs to build their websites better.

2. Maintenance-friendly for future websites

Problems that often occur on a website that can already appear in searches are bugs and errors. This can happen, and you may be confused about identifying errors and bug problems on the website. But don’t worry; the React ecosystem makes it easier for you to deal with all of that. This is because React has more flexible code than other frameworks. In terms of business, of course, you benefit in terms of time and money. This is why many startups or startup companies choose React as the technology for website creation.

3. Save time in the development process

We mentioned earlier that React has a flexible code, but you should know one more thing. This is a hallmark of the react coding language, which is being able to reuse components. What does it mean? Developers don’t need to create multiple codes for the same function. In addition, if modifications are made to one area of the application, the changes will not affect other areas. For many startups, this advantage is what they take to launch the products.

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4. Improve performance for page speed of the website.

In the previous discussion, gatsby.js is a coding language that supports Search engine optimization. Still, on the other hand, vanilla.js can make your website faster. We got this from Addy Osmani’s account, who explained the Netflix case study regarding web performance. He mentioned that switching from reacting to vanilla JS can reduce the javascript size by 200kB. But not all parts of the website have been moved to vanilla; some still survive using React.

If you use vanilla javascript as a whole for complex web applications, it still needs to be compatible. React is still the choice for the majority of companies using web apps.

Discover How React Framework Can Cover Needs of Your Website With Emveep

What did you get from our discussion this time? Curious to know more about React? You have to try it. 

We have completed many client projects that want to build their website using the React framework. Like GoPlay, NFT Manga Series Collection by Haruka Ronin, and NFT Collection & Gaming by GengzBull

According to Haruka Ronin and Gengzbull react framework can accelerate the development of their NFT website for launching and marketing. If you are a startup looking to build a website or switch to using React, this is the right time. Budget issues lately, we prioritize the sustainability of your business. Discuss your React Project with our professional React developer. You can take a look at our ReactJS Development Company Indonesia Profile.

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