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Posted 29/09/20

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2020 creates many stories for businesses in the worlds. Some of them are bankrupt and lost their profits. It is because several countries celebrate their 2023 in the pandemic situation. Lately, this pandemic spread out and push certain businesses to close. Offline stores, public transportation, schools, and so on are close for uncertain time. Does it a bad time to build your company in this situation? Or it will bring more good for your business? If you can take granted from this situation, you will have benefits. Here is some list of best business ideas in 2020 that you might like.

Online tutoring

The development of technology has changed the way we communicate. In addition, in this hard situation, face to face school learning activity is postponed. In developed countries, they change the conventional school into the online learning system. Seeing this opportunity, you can build a virtual class education startup. You can hire a freelancer or full-time tutor to fill the curriculum and class. Just create a simple platform and mobile education application so students can access it. You can also collaborate your business with schools that provide an online class program.


Again, in this situation your activity is limited. Some people may have an obstacle to finding foods because the supermarket is mostly closed. This has led to a rise in meals-to-go-businesses offering all kinds of cuisine options. You can capitalize on this trend by starting your own meals-to-go business right in your city, state, or neighbourhood. Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t actually need to invest in designing a large commercial kitchen. A meals-to-go business can also be managed from a shared rental kitchen.

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Social media service

Social media becomes an essential part of every business. This is the company’s image and brand. It also becomes a gap between business and customer. However, not all businesses have the right time to maintain this social media. Consequently, prospects customers can’t find other information about businesses (service or product). The social media specialist is a new role and businesses need it. Regardless of it, you can build a social media service agency. It can compile with a digital marketing agency.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. At its basic level, affiliate marketing is simply where you sign up with a company or a network (a network is just a company that houses many offers from different businesses) to sell their products or services. You get paid typically every time someone either buys something or executes the desired action.

In-home care industry

The aging generation of baby boomers is facing a growing demand for in-home services. Nonetheless, IBIS expects senior care franchises in-home to see annual growth of 10.5 percent between then and 2022. The home care sector, with a wide variety of needs, encompasses everything from conventional nursing (57.3 percent of market share) to physiotherapy, home hospice, personal services, and more. Despite a rising customer base and the low probability that private health insurance will vanish too soon, being a company owner in this high-demand sector is a hot time.

In sum, the existence of service business type will be more dominant in 2023. A service business may help people to fulfill and improve their needs especially in a pandemic situation. No need for much cost to start up a service business. Online tutoring classes, social media services, affiliate marketing are only a piece of ide that you can try.

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