The Use of Coding in App Development: Is It Necessary?

Posted 18/10/22

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You may have heard a lot about software or tools to develop applications quickly with the help of templates. For example, The App Builder, Appery, AppMakr, Mobile Roadie, ShoutEm, and many more.

Application developers often take advantage of these tools to save time. They can build applications from scratch. What is needed is only their ability to make the application look more unique. In addition, it may make the developer’s work more straightforward.

After reading the two paragraphs above, that software or tools to develop applications instantly have several advantages, you can quickly answer the question in the title that using coding in application development is unnecessary.

However, your answer needs to be corrected more. In the following paragraphs, you will be invited to explore the disadvantages of using software or instant tools to create an application. This article will introduce you further to the use of coding in developing applications.

Software/Tools Application Maker

At least you have been introduced and may also know that software/tools to develop apps have made developers’ work more accessible. In addition to the advantages described above, making applications with tools has several other advantages.

Advantages of Using Software/Tools in Developing App

  • The user interface is easy to understand for beginners
  • Can choose templates and application categories according to the desired concept
  • Does not require coding skills or a specific programming language
  • Create applications for free.

In addition to the advantages, you will also find out some of the weaknesses in using these tools so that you can consider more carefully utilizing one of these technological advances.

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Disadvantages of Using Software/Tools in Developing App

  • The display looks boring because the interface options are limited
  • Has a lot of bugs, so it can’t have a good application development
  • Prone to being infiltrated by viruses or malware from irresponsible parties
  • Lack of interest and less attractive because the features displayed are less functional

From the disadvantages described, you start to think that developing

custom app development

applications using coding is necessary because using these tools is risky for the sustainability of your application. Or are you still wondering which one is better? Does application development really require coding? To answer your anxiety, it would be nice to read the description of the need to use coding in developing an application below.

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Coding in Developing an App

Before you surf this article, you may have already found out what coding is. Coding, in simple words, is how humans or computer users communicate with the computer itself to refresh their memory.

By making code or coding, you will tell the computer what to do, such as generate websites, and applications, process data, and do other things according to your wishes. In other words, the advantage of communicating with a computer through coding is that it allows customization.

It should be underlined that this is one answer to why in developing applications, you require coding, namely customization.

custom app development

For further explanation, the advantages of coding in developing applications below can help you.

Advantages of Using Coding in Developing App

  • Developers are free to be creative in creating applications
  • The application developed can provide various features according to the concept that has been created
  • The appearance of the application can be made freely diverse, different from applications made with templates
  • The user experience using the application is more satisfied
  • Can avoid bugs by continuously improving the application quality
  • Not prone to viruses or malware because only internal company parties have access
  • Applications are not easily imitated by other parties
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You can get all of the above advantages when developing an application by doing manual coding without the help of software or instant tools because developers are required to create custom applications according to the wishes and needs of the client/user.


After surfing far enough to get to this stage, you can conclude that in developing applications, you still require coding to develop applications that suit the client’s or user’s needs. Even though it’s a bit time-consuming to code, isn’t it still comparable to the resulting app? So don’t you also hire an expert developer to produce great apps? Or, as the developer, by coding, you will continue to be honed in logical thinking in choosing the programming language to be used, whether it’s Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, or others.

This can be tailored to your needs. You can also find out which programming language is the best for developing applications. What is clear, you are not confused anymore about answering the question in the title of this article. Let’s complete your development process with our next discussion.

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