Coronavirus: Try to Build These 3 Businesses

Posted 14/01/19

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It is almost 2 months since the Coronavirus brought down the Indonesian economy. It also influences other sectors such as the education system and business model. Many companies cut off their employees to “save their company”. Is this a good way? Or this will bring harm to the company?

A few segments felt the blow as significant disturbances in income and business tasks as the flare-up spread quickly, driving a few representatives to telecommute, while others became survivors of joblessness. Being an entrepreneur is one of the solutions to keep your financial survival. While in this Coronavirus situation, you can try to build your business. These are three recommendations business:

Grocery Online Shop

Since there is a lockdown across countries and regions, many people have difficulty accessing the grocery store. Stores are closed, while some of them have a limited number of stocks. Regarding this issue, having an online store is a must. You can still open your store for up to 24 hours. Basically, you don’t work for it, but the system works for you.

The advantages of having grocery online shop are:

  1. Online shopping allows your customers to browse the aisles when it is most convenient for them
  2. Store access is 24 hours
  3. Broaden your customers. Everyone can browse your store every time and everywhere
  4. Spacing out. They can click through its spaciousness with their keyboards and mice.

So, where can you build your own grocery online store?

Emveep is on your side! You can build your own professional online store application. Only in one single click, your customer can buy your product through their smartphone.

Healthcare Consulting Service

Healthcare consulting service is business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritize providing care. As a medical consultant, you can work in all facets of the healthcare industry, from hospitals to insurance companies. In this situation, you can try your lucky spin to have your own medical consulting service. No need for a workspace, all you need is an online application.

You can try to create your own consulting business application. But if you are not familiar with coding, you can find an agency to assist you.

Online Course

Besides grocery and medical business, making an online course system or website is a good solution for you in a Coronavirus situation. Students are studying at home as well as their teachers. Education startups are growing up because they have a high demand and subscription.

So why don’t you try to create the same business? Wanna have your own business right now? Let’s consult your business with us at Emveep.com. The Coronavirus situation may bring some harm rather than good. If you are good at managing this situation, you can turn this into a great business.


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