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Posted 02/12/22

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The crypto market has been down in recent weeks, but most people are becoming increasingly interested in seeking business opportunities in the blockchain industry. Last week, November 25, the Blockbali event was held at the Trans Resort Bali.

Emveep had the opportunity to attend the event as a company that supports providing reliable talent developers for the blockchain industry. Then what are the exciting activities we have done at the event? What are the main points of this event? Let’s see this article to the end.

Pre-BlockBali Event

Before the event started, we prepared the equipment and information that would be presented at the Emveep booth. Starting from setting the layout to installing the tv screen. Also, we prepared the merchandise for the visitors who came. Apart from that, in this event, our booths not only participated but also several booths from other brands such as Nusa, Degree crypto token, Talaxeum, Metanesia, and Vexanium.

Visitors Come Into Emveep Booth

Blockchain Event on Bali

During the event, Emveep had visitors from several countries, such as Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Germany. Apart from that, several Indonesian public officials and BUMN companies came to our booths, such as Telkom Indonesia, Members of the Indonesian Parliament, and the Ministry of Trade.

The exciting thing about our visitors is that they are very enthusiastic about finding out how Emveep deals with the availability of young and reliable developer talent to meet the demand for blockchain developers. 

According to Aji Saputra, as CTO of Emveep, in providing developer resources, Emveep implemented a boot camp program for Senior high schools and fresh graduates. Not only that, this boot camp program is, of course, free, and is given pocket money every month.

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Meanwhile, several other visitors also wanted to join development with us. In the software development industry, of course, other companies also experience the same thing in terms of the lack of developer resources they have. Of course, Emveep is here as a solution to providing reliable developer talent.

According to one of our visitors, a finance consultant, the Blockbali event is beneficial in responding to the challenges of the digital industry in the future, of course, in the world of blockchain and web 3.0. Technology is snowballing, so it is necessary to make technological adjustments according to the times. So this blockchain industry is my concern.

There were lots of exciting things, and indeed, the enthusiastic participants who came wanted to know more about how the blockchain industry can answer challenges in business and, of course, the willingness of talented developers who will develop this technology.

The Main Point of Blockbali Event

The blockchain industry exists as a solution to problems faced in the business world, mainly digital. This time, the Blockchain event discussed the opportunities for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Indonesia and brought investors together with people with business ideas or projects in the blockchain industry.

Of course, developing it takes work. As an outsourcing company, we are here to address the demand for talented blockchain developers. As well as introducing projects that we have developed with our previous clients such as Gotcha Gatcha, Haruka Ronin, and The Gengz Bull.


The world of blockchain and crypto is exciting to be a hot topic of conversation at this time. When the market price is falling, this momentum is the right time to develop projects related to NFTs, Tokens, and Blockchain. Apart from that, Blockbali, this time, indirectly opens all views and ensures that an opportunity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will produce a result, especially for businesses in the future.

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If you have an NFT, Token, or blockchain project, our talents are ready to help you. Book your service now with us.


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