Hire Dedicated Team: Why, When, and How?

Posted 05/08/22

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Have you ever experienced a lack of a team in developing software? Moreover, your team vacancies are the most vital team members. Based on the Forbes article 14 Common Reasons Software Projects Fail (And How To Avoid Them), most team members and not know the role is a factor in the failure of a software development project. If you are experiencing something similar, you are in the right place. This time I will discuss why, when, and how you can hire dedicated team members. Let’s dive into this article!

Understand Hire Dedicated Team

Before you visit this article, too many are discussing what a dedicated team is. Did you get the point about the dedicated team? The essence of a dedicated team is a service provider or outsourcing company that provides developer resources to send to clients to meet deficiencies in the team.

The developer’s resources depend on the needs of the project. However, a dedicated team is not just a developer. You can add other members who have something to do with your project.

For example, Quality Assurance controls and checks product quality conformity with company standards. Not only that but UI/UX designers can also be recruited as dedicated team members because they have a role in making website design look more eye-catching.

But how important is a dedicated team for the project? Why need to hire a dedicated team from an outsourcing company? Let’s dig deeper.

Why is Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team So Important?

hire dedicated team members

What benefits will you feel immediately when this dedicated software development team is there for you? Here is the explanation.

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Deep Understanding Software Development Team

If you choose a suitable company as a partner, of course, have a team with a lot of experience in project involvement. There is no doubt about his knowledge and expertise. You just sit back, control every activity, and don’t forget to give instructions to a dedicated team.

Add a Request; however, Sprint Was Running

You can add something that is missing in the project. It can be a feature or a section. How did it happen? The approach used in this dedicated team is an agile development methodology. In the process, this approach is pretty dynamic, you can change and add things even if a sprint or project is already underway.

Stable and Fully Dedicated to the Client

The last discussion is if you have dedicated team members, the structure of the team you have will never change and remain stable. This team only works on your project thoroughly.

When Must I Hire a Dedicated Team?

hire dedicated teams

If you have a complete team and have skills that match the project, should you recruit a dedicated team? Too much can be the cause of failure in a software development project. When to recruit them, so there are not too many hands of a dedicated team in a project? Let’s see.

Have a Project Long Term

The dedicated team is best suited for long-term, complex projects with high growth potential. To fully realize the potential of your project, you’ll need a strong team of developers to help you along the way. You can be confident that the people you begin working with will see the project through to completion within a dedicated team.

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Complex Requirement

A dedicated team is a way to go when your idea does not fit into the product market and requires a discovery stage. Because the discovery phase serves as the foundation for the entire project development mechanism, it may take months of tests and interviews to complete. The dedicated team gives you the time and resources to focus on the discovery phase without worrying about overspending.

Early Stage Startup

If you are an early-stage that is expected to grow, consider hiring a dedicated development team. This allows you to quickly assemble a team, save money on hiring, and develop products more quickly. While your internal team is left to handle business-related tasks, the augmented team handles the extra work.

How Can I Hire a Dedicated Team?

dedicated software development team

Search References about the Software Development Company

In looking for a partner in developing your software, you need information about the company, such as the whereabouts/place of the company, track record of project involvement with previous clients, and reviews from clients. This is an essential factor in your decision-making. Even though the cost will be expensive in the future, at least in terms of quality, the final product has been recognized by their clients.

Then where do I see the references mentioned above? You can see it on review websites like clutch.co, manifest, designrush, g2, and trust radius. Their website is proven by the reviews and credibility of the companies listed on their site.

Look at Their Work on the Portfolio

After you know the website review, what’s next? You can see their track record through their portfolio. Because the quality of a service company will be seen from the results, it has done on various projects.

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How the Response of the Client on Review

The next step is to see the client’s response to the results of their collaboration. Does the client look happy or even dissatisfied with his services? This is one of the factors that you need to look at in the company profile or on the company website.

Give a Question or Say Hi at Contact Us

Finally, if you are sure of your choice, without hesitation, contact the company directly. Start with the requirements you need for your project. Tell about your project goals to the related company. But if you need it today, we open a quotation for your project, which can be executed immediately by our dedicated teams. Get development team members.


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