How to become a website developer in 2021?

Posted 11/01/21

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Although many businesses have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (and continue to do so), the tech industry has done reasonably well. To allow them to work remotely, many organizations rely on digital technologies, putting even more emphasis on technology and the individuals who create it. As a direct consequence of the goods and services that are most in-demand right now, website developer jobs will increase in some industries. Being a website developer, you need to accept all consequences; can be stressful, find errors and bugs, and others.

When I have no prior experience, how do I become a web developer?

It might sound like a difficult-to-reach target, but the road to becoming a developer is not as difficult as you would expect. For example, try months versus years when you visualize the time it takes to learn the skills you would need.

Here are some steps on how to become a website developer in 2021:

1. Pick the abilities you need to work on web development

In doing so, it’s important to note there are two categories of web developer jobs: front-end development and back-end development. A website’s front end is the aspect in which users communicate. When you search the Internet, all you see, from fonts and colors to drop-down menus and sliders, is a mixture of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript powered by your computer’s browser.

Front-end website development skills:




A server, an application, and a database consisting of the back end of a website. The technology that drives those components that, together, allow the user-facing side of the website to even function in the first place is designed and maintained by a back-end developer.

Back-end website development skills:



JavaScript / NodeJS

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

p.s: Ruby is a good entry-level programming language at the entry-level, suitable for starting to familiarize yourself with the core concepts found in all programming languages. Javascript is also easy software to get to grips with and, with many customer frameworks relying on it, there is high demand within the industry.

2. Start learning and keep practicing 

Once you’re clear on what web developer skills to learn and how to become a web developer, it’s time to start actually learning those skills. Nowadays, you can find easily online e-course and e-learning and just click on the module that you want to learn. Also, you can join a community where you can learn from the members. Usually, they will have an open discussion for solving new bugs or errors, so you can free ask whenever you have an obstacle.

3. Be brave and take a project 

Another good, long-term strategy is to use this opportunity to take on test projects. Whether these are small paying jobs for friends in need of a personal website or projects focused on your hobby or passion, creating real sites when the stakes are relatively low can place you in a position to feel secure as your projects and job prospects become more complicated.

Being a good website developer in 2021 is not too complicated if you have a strong willingness to study hard. Hopefully, those 3 tips can help you for those who want to start a career as a website developer.


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