How to Scale Up Your Website Applications

Posted 29/09/20

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Imagine when users or visitors visit your website applications, but they have a bad experience. It will be a horrible both for your business continuity and user journey. In fact, a friendly and accessible website application is an essential point for your brand image. The average user expects the web page to load within 2 seconds. Some of them will wait up to 10 seconds before bouncing off your website for good. It is no big deal for you to have a responsive website application. Here is a way to scale up your website applications.

Manage Stakeholders Expectation

If your website application is already growing as per your business plan then your business expansion requirement is already supported. Set aspirations of your company partners so that you don’t take up these tasks prematurely simply because everybody else is thinking about mobile website application.

Use the Right Tools

Now that you have agreed to concentrate on the metrics, you need to track the app’s output with respect to certain metrics on a regular basis. You need to invest in a successful ‘Application Performance Management’ (APM) system if you are running your own infrastructure.

Choose the Right Hosting

We need to remember that the scalability is not just about your code. Having proper server infrastructure and configuration is important. Just choosing the right software and providers will save a lot of time. Amazon EC2 provides auto-scaling functionality, for example, Docker offers a docker-compose scale, etc.

Cache Database Queries

Majority databases sustain query logging, and there are a lot of tools that will intake those logs and perform some evaluation to tell you which queries are running most frequently, and which queries tend to take the longest to complete.

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Simply cache the answers to regular or sluggish queries so that they reside on the webserver in memory, and do not need a round trip across the network or any excessive load on the database.

In sum, increasing a website application experience doesn’t require a complexity thing. What you need to keep an eye for this are see our visitor expectations, use the right tools to manage it, take a suitable and good hosting, and monitor database queries.


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