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Posted 15/06/21

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Consumers can easily buy what they want. So do the sellers. They can sell their products instantly. To make customers more convenient do shopping online, this app is supported by some payment methods and delivery systems. The buyer can monitor the order and transaction on the smart dashboard.

How this app works

  1. Customers need to register by filling in an email address, user name, pass, etc
  2. Then, the customer needs to set a current address or home address
  3. Now, customers can start shopping. They can choose based on a new item, category, brand, or current promo
  4. They also can adjust the product’s quantity
  5. After that, the order is automatically on the cart
  6. Before doing the payment, the customer can edit the address and also review the order
  7. Select the payment method. It is available to do online transfer or use a credit card
  8. Customers will have a push notification whether their product is on processing, delivering, or completed
  9.  When the order has arrived, customers will get a completed notification

What will you have

This application will be available on iOS and Android. So customers can access it on whatever their smartphone types. We also provide a dashboard or a web panel to make sellers easier tracking and managing orders, payments, shopping, etc.

Our Best Features

Powered by sophisticated features, this grocery application is easy to use by customers

  • Online checkout: Allow customers when they do the payment. There are credit card payments and transfer to a bank account.
  • Cart system: This helps customers to review and see what they shop for.
  • Product search, sort, and filtering: Customers can find what they need easily here. They can search what product they want, or sorting and filtering based on category.
  • Shipping tracking: It allows the customer to know their order status through shipping tracking.
  • Push notifications: Customers will have a notification whether their order is confirmed, packed, shipped, or completed.
  • Profile address management: The app can detect the customer’s location. Besides, they can adjust the destination for the address easily. As the seller, you don’t have to worry about updating the order or other information. You can keep track of your business in the web admin panel.
  • Customer database management: It is easy to track the traffic of your business. See how many customers have been ordered to your online app store.
  • Order management: This feature allows you to see and arrange the incoming and completed order.
  • Product category management: No more complexity to upload and put some categories of your product. Through this feature, you can put product categories.
  • Transaction reporting: You don’t need to count manual total transactions for each order. Every transaction can be automatically recorded in real-time.
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Why choose Emveep Grocery Apps

Trusted Solution

For more than 8 years, we have assisted more than 100 startup companies to develop their business website and mobile applications.

Technical support

We are always here for you to ensure the process of the project meets your expectations.

User friendly

We use the latest technology and give the best feature, so this application is easy to use.

Fast, no need to build from scratch

You can have this your own grocery application faster, no need to build from scratch, you can launch it as soon as possible.


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