Top 5 Mobile App Ideas for Startups 2024

Posted 21/11/22

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In this digital era, it is easier for everyone to get involved in problems, become more spoiled, and want to be instant. However, for a businessman in the field of application development, this is certainly a gold mine that needs to be dredged. 

Developing an application as a form of providing the right solution for every problem can easily get you accepted by the market. However, you still have to strive for positioning and being at the top of the community’s mind. Developing an amazing and unique idea is sure to automatically make you a business winner. Here are Top 5 mobile app ideas for startups that you can steal, and develop quickly before your competitors start first! 


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5 Startup App Ideas You Can Develop

1. Augmented Reality Application Idea

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Having an interior designer room that reflects ourselves and our preferences is certainly everyone’s dream, but it is often a tricky thing to buy furniture for your bedroom or to fill your home, starting from the living room, dining room, kitchen, exit room, and any room. 

Instead of being suitable, you can be very stuck with choosing the wrong furniture or not according to the room and your intended purpose, even though you have spent a lot of time looking at various pieces of furniture and imagining it in your room. This problem is no longer something that many people need to fear, if you are planning to develop innovative app ideas this may be the right choice. 

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Develop an augmented reality mobile application to help you and your target market buy furniture that suits your needs. Easily, you only need to provide a photo feature that can be displayed in 3D so that the furniture that is inserted into the application can be seen from various angles when placed in your room. 

You can also work with some e-commerce that sells various furniture online so that your augmented reality application is directly connected to them. This will make it easier for users to find the furniture they want and turn it into a 3D image.

2. AR Brilliant App Ideas

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Similar to the previous startup app idea, the second brilliant app idea is developing an augmented reality mobile application. The app allows users to help those who have difficulty determining what clothes are suitable to buy and wear. 

Indeed, changing rooms have been provided in every clothing shopping center, but you can do that if you buy directly on the spot. This is no longer practical. Therefore you will need a changing room that you can use when shopping online. 

Maybe most women often feel wrong when buying clothes by online, whether it’s the wrong size, the color that doesn’t match their skin tone, or other problems. Developing an augmented reality mobile app will help them. Just take a full-body photo of yourself, and you can see yourself in the clothes you want to buy. Amazing! 


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3. Mall Navigation Map Tracking App

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For a forgetful person or a person who is blind in direction, walking in a big mall alone can often lead you astray. Or it could be that it embarrasses you in front of a lot of people and worse can make other people uncomfortable.

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You can develop a mall navigation map to help with this problem, where users can find the exact store they want to go to, the way out, or the toilet. 

Furthermore, you can develop this application idea to find out the status of a restaurant in the mall, is it still available or is it fully booked? You can also add another feature to view vacant parking lots. 

4. Servicing App for Your Pet

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For an animal lover, it may be a bit difficult to find a slot to bring a pet to the salon, you may have called the number of the salon you want to go to but have not received an answer. This gives you uncertainty. 

Seeing this phenomenon, an application entrepreneur should have got a business opportunity. Developing a pet salon slot booking application can be considered. Applications are made to make reservations, select the type of shampoo you want to use, and find out which groomer will provide services. 

5. Cooking Helper Application Idea

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Cooking with tutorials from youtube is already a common thing to do, especially for a woman who is just married or is just trying to live on her own and wants to start cooking.

However, cooking from a youtube tutorial means that the entire amount of the dose must be the same, or you may use your intuition to guess. To overcome these problems, an auxiliary application needs to be developed. 

Here you can create an application that can provide the number of doses according to the ingredients you have. All you need is the scale and the app. The application is made by having features of various types of dishes with various possible amounts, you can provide a limit on the number of doses. Then you will be a kitchen hero! 

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Being a businessman must demand that you be sensitive to what is happening in this world. When you look at it in depth, either by doing research, looking at trends, or in any other way, you will find so many problems that are felt by each individual or group. This problem awaits a solution offer from every businessman, you don’t want to be missed right? Learn more about the next step for developing the mobile app.


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