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Is Next.js Going to Continue Javascript Popularity?

Posted 03/03/22

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The popularity of Javascript in recent years has increased in the Google trend in the United Kingdom region by 70%. The reason is based on the statistics of most used programming languages among developers worldwide as of 2022, javascript occupies the first position with a figure of 65.36%.

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With this increase in popularity, JavaScript-based programming languages have been affected. Maybe you know it, namely Next.js. No wonder in the last few months it has become a hot topic in the United Kingdom area and of course, there has been an increase of 110% in Google Trends.


Next.js popularity


The subregion that has the greatest interest in Next.js is England and followed by Scotland. Of course, this is an interesting discussion of why Next.Js has such strong fans in the three lions area. In this article, we will discuss what next js is, and its advantages, until the upcoming update on this year. Read to the end and find the golden nuggets.

Is NextJS Frontend or Backend?

Next.js is also a full-stack framework that functions as a front-end framework that builds the interface of a website and also acts as a back-end framework that handles the rendering process and database management.

In addition, Next.js is a derivative of react js. To fix the shortcomings of react js on the rendering side. So you don’t need to use two frameworks to build a website.

To prove that Next.js can be used for full-stack frameworks you can look at examples from big brands like TikTok, Nike, Hulu, Ticketmaster, and so on. Are there any more examples? Don’t worry, this is still not complete, let’s see Next.Js can create anything and for any industry.

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What can you Build with Next.Js?

To be honest, a javascript-based programming language should be more flexible in building an application or website. But with Next.js you can build several digital products and interfaces. We have collected 10 Digital products that you can make:

  • MVP (Minimum Eligible Product)
  • Jamstacks website
  • Web Portal
  • Single webpage
  • Static website
  • SaaS products
  • eCommerce and retail websites
  • Dashboard
  • Complex and demanding web applications
  • Interactive user interface

Now that you know its use, what are the benefits that you immediately feel when using this programming language? Don’t miss this reading because these benefits will not only affect your product but your business as well.

7 Core Benefits From Next.js

1. Rendering strategies with Next.js

The interesting part of this programming lies in supporting rendering. These improvements are made to make the website SEO-friendly. Given the competition in the Google search engine, for example, it is getting stronger and more competitive. So we need a suitable language to build a website. Not only that, starting from the implementation of SSR (Server Side Rendering), SSG (Static Site Generation), and pre-rendering can run smoothly if you use this language.


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2. Developing Scaffolding

Next.Js provides convenience when building a website. This is supported by the syntax of the command “create-next-app” which can be run to create scaffolding or template files that have been provided to quickly create new next applications.

3. Built-in Routing

By using a file-based routing system the server automatically converts all files stored in the pages folder into routes. Additionally, react supports client-side routing via the <Link/> component. This component will fetch the page whose link is in the viewport. This is only for pages that use SSG (Static Site Generation), but even so, this feature makes navigating from one page to another seem very fast.

4. Automatic Code Splitting

The next advantage you can get is automatic code splitting. This code split aims to split the bundle files which you can load on demand. So it can automatically split each file in the Pages folder into its bundle.

Also, any code that is shared between pages is combined into one to prevent downloading the same code. Splitting the code reduces the initial loading time because the browser only needs to download a small amount of data.

5. Built-in Image Optimization

Large image sizes can slow down your site and lower rankings on Google pages. With the solution brought by Next.js, you can use image components to optimize images automatically. This component serves correct-sized images and modern formats like webp if the browser supports it. It can optimize page speed and save space on the user’s device.

6. Built-in CSS Support

You don’t need to spend extra time configuring it and can write CSS styles right away. Next.js also comes with styled-JSX which allows you to write CSS directly inside your components.

7. Growing Community

The popularity of next.js is so fast because this programming language is built on top of React. Therefore, the developer community is constantly growing and this can make it easier for you to develop and find documentation.

Now you know the 7 advantages you need to get when using it. Then when can you use it for your website needs? Is it at the beginning or when your website is live? Check out the next discussion and it will become more interesting.


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When should use Next.Js?

When to use this programming language at the beginning or when the website has been built? If it is assumed that the website has been created, migration is needed to move the previous data to the new framework, will this become more complicated? This is the right time to change the programming language to next.js

1. Have the plan to build a website

The best time and don’t even need to move your data is when planning the beginning of creating your business/personal website. Of course, you already know very well the benefits that you will get immediately when using it. If you are in the planning stage, this is the right first step in choosing a programming language for your website.

2. Business Transform to digitalize

This is precisely where the post-pandemic era is taking place. Forcing every business to be digital. Companies that have been operating traditionally since the beginning must now be all digital. This is the perfect time to build your first business website.

With the same goals to appear in search engine searches, of course, this programming language can support your business goals so that they are easily discovered in search engines.

3. Migration Phase

At this stage chances are you already have a website before. Migration is tricky. Because when your website switches frameworks, of course, the organic traffic that you have gotten there is no guarantee that it will return to the beginning. You need to monitor it for 3 months after the migration is done so that there is no slow decrease in traffic until no one visits your website.

Final Thoughts

The point is that in the three lions area, developers or business owners have started to become aware of SEO-friendly websites. This is proven by the interest in Next.js so fast with the number 110%. The support and features provided in this programming language are indeed an advantage and answer the problems that lie in React, so it’s no wonder Next.js will become popular. 

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