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Next.js vs React: 5 Fun Fact You Don’t Know

Posted 02/03/23

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These two programming languages, Next.js and React.js, are both built through the JavaScript ecosystem. Has its advantages as well as its fans. Often Next.js and React are compared in terms of performance and it is said that neither one is superior.

“Next.js is a framework built on top of React and provides additional features such as server-side rendering, automatic code splitting, and optimized performance. This makes Next.js a great choice for larger, more complex projects. React, on the other hand, is a great choice if you are working on a smaller project or do not require these additional features.”

The statement above alone is confusing and in fact, there is a gap between these programming languages, who is superior? Find interesting facts and data about Next.js and React.js.

Is Next.js Better than React.js? 

In terms of the advantages that you will receive, maybe it’s too ordinary. This time we found an interesting finding in the comparison of these two programming languages so that you always get unique insights in each of our discussions.

1. Next.js Still On Top Compared to React in the Last 12 Months

nextjs and react based on search interest on google

Found data from google trend search for query Next js still above React.js. Based on the search data, this indicates that Next js is of more interest to searchers than react. However, there is a dropping pattern that occurs in Next.js searches. This pattern is not the final data yet, but this prediction from Google indicates a downward trend in these two programming languages.

2. Next.js Expansion the Land of React.js

If a deeper search is carried out, which countries have the highest search interest on Next.js?

Georgia is the top of country in search interest of nextjs

Georgia is ranked first as the most interested in Next.js searches. Followed by Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Latvia. It becomes a big question why in mainland Europe there is an interest in javascript.

We found an interesting fact about the country of Georgia. Why is this country ranked first in search Next js on google search?

Reported in an article published on the hackernoon, written by Giorgi Mikhelidze, a software developer from Georgia. Since 2015 the country of Georgia had a relationship with programming. Until now a large part of the developer population in Georgia is currently focusing all their efforts on Javascript.

What about React.js? Currently, if you look at Google trends, the first rank in searches for React.js is India.

India is the country with high search interest in reactjs

Then followed by Pakistan, Singapore, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka. The majority of countries come from Asia. The interesting fact is that interest in Next js is starting to dominate in other countries which of course have an interest in React.js. Finally, it can be concluded that 2 continents have an interest in Next.js and React.js. However, it seems that Next.js is starting to gain ground over React.js.

3. Next.js is More Friendly with Google Than React

Next.js also makes it easy to optimize your application for search engines. Titles and keywords for each page are easy to create using the featured Head component, making it easier for your application to rank higher in search results.

4. React.js and Next.js is a Partner of the Startup

Next.js offers many advantages for startups looking to build high-quality, performant applications. Its ease of use, speed, and flexibility make it an excellent choice for any development team. In addition, React is highly customizable, and it can be extended with other tools like Redux to provide additional functionality. This can help you create a tailored solution for your specific needs. React can be a valuable tool for startups looking to build web applications quickly and efficiently while taking advantage of a strong and supportive community. 

5. Next.js Serve Better Than React.js 

satisfaction survey regarding the use of programming languages built in the javascript environment

This finding is the most astonishing. This data was found on a website on Google Search which conducted a survey regarding developer satisfaction with using a programming language built in a Javascript environment.

The interesting fact is that Next.js won 90% of the votes from the survey saying that they would use it again for their next development. But on the other hand, React has a poll that is not much different from Next js, only 7% different. Interesting right? If you are curious about Next.js, you can try it in developing your website or digital product.

Furthermore, after getting the gist of which point is better, now is the time for you to know when Next.js is used, and when is React used.


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When to Use Next.js Over React?

Next.js is an excellent choice for startups looking to build static sites or applications that do not require complex routing. It provides many benefits such as automatic code splitting, built-in server-side rendering, and optimized page loading times, which can help reduce development time and cost.

When to Use React Over Next.js?

If the project requires dynamic routing and heavily data-driven components, React might be a better option. React provides powerful tools such as state management libraries and a vast ecosystem of third-party packages, making it ideal for building complex applications.


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The Bottom Line: When I Must Upgrade to Next.js or React.js For Business?

it’s crucial to evaluate the specific requirements of your startup’s project and choose the technology that best fits those needs. It’s also essential to consider factors such as development time, scalability, maintenance, and team expertise when making technology choices. We also can help you in making technology choices based on the Top Emveep expert team. Choose your date to meet with us.


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