Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Developer 

Posted 25/10/22

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With technological advancement, software has become the backbone of every type of business. The problem is that the cost of hiring a software development team is relatively low. The best solution for this problem is to hire an outsource software developer.

Software development outsourcing is not a new Practice, but it is becoming more and more popular with time. Outsourcing allows the company to gain the most optimal cost without compromising the quality of the product.

Although the advantages of outsourcing are unquestionable, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing an outsourcing company. And now, let’s talk about the common mistakes companies make and must be avoided in the selection process.

Not Maintaining The Progress of The Product Development 

One of the most common mistakes is that companies think they only have to find a software outsourcing company, and then there is nothing else they need to do. This is entirely incorrect. A strong partnership between the outsourcing company and the hiring company makes it possible to produce high-quality products. 

The project’s development will require an organized engineering process, commitments, responsibilities, and clear goals to build a high-quality product. And the supporting pillar of these requirements is effective communication between the developers and clients.

Lack Of Knowledge Transfer

Outsourcing partnerships for software development need to establish knowledge transfer procedures. The service provider and the client have to work together to define technical project requirements and the end expected product. Therefore, knowledge transfer needs to be completed, and outsourced products will be problematic.

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Early on during the project, a knowledge base has to be established. This should be done as the team members meet and learn how they can work together. The early stages are the most crucial phase to deliver what the client expects from the project output and handle the list of requirements to the developer. The delayed information to the developer team might cause the finalized product to be unable to meet the expectation and even possibly with failure.

Not being transparent 

Trust is a critical factor when deciding to outsource, and if the companies do not have trust, do not outsource. Being honest in handling outsourced projects has excellent potential for business communication. 

If you decide to hire an outsource software developer. It would help if you never concealed any bad news, or the project might end up not being successful. Outsourcing partners always need honesty and clarity regarding all project aspects. This includes work schedules, deliverables, team priorities, documentation, and software quality.

This honesty and transparency will be fruitful when the project meets an unexpected situation and is stuck in the middle of the process. Moreover, the transparency of the problem makes the solution coming from the outsourced business partner possible. As they possibly have encountered a similar problem from their past project.

Lack Of Commitment From Senior Management

Guidance is taken in all organizations from senior management. As a result, risks are never taken without a guarantee of support. When outsourcing software development, there is always a risk. This is why management should offer support for both minor and major improvements.

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Everything starts with developing a vision shared by both parties regarding how strategic objectives are met by the initiative. Then, both companies must do their part so that mutual success becomes a reality. Finally, senior management can develop realistic requirements, precise communication methods, and success metrics.

No technician on your end 

Outsourcing a software developer is a solution for a company to gain optimal benefits when building software and application, but that does not mean you will hand over the project entirely. A company should always have a tech-savvy team member handle the outsourcing company. Having someone with technical knowledge from your end will ensure the project is not only finished also but adequately in a technically accurate fashion.

Be sure to keep these points in mind when you are looking for a software development outsourcing company. While outsourcing your software development, your objective should be to reduce the time, money, and effort spent on building software.


There are many things to be noticed when you want to hire an outsource software developer for your project. And communication is a crucial aspect of achieving the goal. But if you can handle and avoid the issue we discussed earlier, outsourcing software developers for your project will surely come with many benefits.

If you are interested in hiring an outsource software developer for your project, you can check out our other discussion.

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