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Posted 04/03/22

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Fitness apps are a great way to get in shape, but what if they could also help you make some extra money? That’s the idea behind “play to earn” fitness app, which use game-like features to reward users for working out. In this article, we’ll take a look at how these apps work and whether or not they’re likely to catch on.

What is a Fitness App?

A fitness app is a mobile application that helps you track your fitness and physical activity. There are many different types of fitness app, but most of them allow you to track your workout routine, set goals, and see your progress over time. Some popular fitness app include Nike+ Run Club, Fitbit, and Strava.

Can You Earn Money from Fitness Apps?

Yes! There are a few different ways that you can earn money from fitness apps. First, some apps offer rewards for completing certain tasks or reaching certain goals. For example, the Nike+ Run Club app gives users points for every mile they run, which can be redeemed for Nike products or other prizes.

Another way to earn money from fitness app is by becoming a brand ambassador. This generally involves promoting the app to your friends and social followers, and may also include writing blog posts or participating in online challenges. Some brands will pay you directly for your promotion, while others will offer free or discounted products as compensation.

So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash (or get some free stuff!) from your fitness routine, download a few apps and start earning!

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How Does Play to Earn Work in Fitness Apps?

There are a few different ways that developers are incorporating play to earn into their fitness app. The most common way is by awarding points for completing workouts or other activities tracked by the app. These points can then be redeemed for virtual or physical prizes. Other apps use a leaderboard system, where users compete against each other to see who can rack up the most points. And some apps are even experimenting with cryptocurrency-based rewards, where users can earn tokens that can be traded in for real-world goods and services.

The jury is still out on whether play to earn mechanics are effective in getting people to stick with their fitness goals. But there’s no doubt that they add an extra layer of fun and motivation for users. And as the technology behind these systems gets more sophisticated, we can only expect to see more creative and innovative ways of using them in the future.

Can You Really Make Money from Playing Fitness Apps?

We all know that there are a ton of fitness apps out there. And we all know that some of them are really fun to play. But can you actually make money from playing fitness apps?

It turns out that the answer is yes! There are a few different ways that you can make money from playing fitness apps.

One way is to simply sell in-app purchases. This is how a lot of fitness apps make their money. They offer things like premium content or special features for a price.

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Another way to make money from playing fitness apps is to sign up for a paid membership. This can give you access to exclusive content or even personal coaching.

Finally, you can also make money by participating in challenges or contests. Many fitness apps will offer prizes for users who complete certain tasks or reach certain goals.

So if you’re looking to make some extra cash, consider playing some fitness apps! You might be surprised at how much money you can actually make.

Pros and Cons of Play to Earn in Fitness Apps

There are a lot of different fitness apps available on the market these days. Many of them offer some sort of “play to earn” feature, where you can earn rewards for working out. But is this actually a good thing? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of play to earn in fitness apps.


1. You can earn rewards just for working out, which can be motivating.
2. It can be a fun way to challenge yourself and friends to see who can earn the most rewards.
3. Rewards can be used to unlock new features or get discounts on products, which can help you save money.


1. You may end up spending more time on your phone than working out if you’re trying to earn rewards.
2. Some people may feel like they have to spend money to buy items in order to progress in the game, which defeats the purpose of working out in the first place.
3. There is always the risk that the app could shut down and you would lose all your progress (and possibly your investment).

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So, what do you think? Is play to earn in fitness apps a good or bad thing?


Yes, it is possible to earn rewards through fitness apps, but it may not be as much as you think. Most of the time, you’ll only earn a few dollars here and there. If you’re looking to make fitness apps, you can consult with us.


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