Swift vs React Native: React Native Wins In an Elegant Way

Posted 02/11/23

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Quick overview: if you are looking to develop an app, not complex needs, you can take react native as your choice, but for graphics and complex needs that you will take, you can choose Swift as your technology for developing apps. However, Swift is only for developing iOS apps.

What is React Native?

React native is a programming language derived from JavaScript and was first introduced by Facebook in 2015 as a cross-platform framework category. This cross-platform framework category can be used on various operating systems, both Android and iOS. React Native is said to be mature, and several articles also discuss that Flutter can beat its performance. So, we take a look at comparison performance first before you decide on the programming language for your mobile app project

Comparison Performance Between Swift: Is React Native faster than Swift?

In terms of performance, Swift is superior to React Native. However, the weakness is that Swift cannot be used on Android; it can only be used for iOS development. Swift was created by Apple in 2014, as well as being a replacement for the Objective C programming language, which was previously often used for developing iOS applications.

Below, we have summarized the comparison of React native vs Swift:

ParametersReact NativeSwift
Developed byFacebookApple
Initial Release20152014
PerformanceHas a fast response time so that it can improve user experience.Has good performance if developing applications that have requirements that require a lot of animation and good graphics.
SuitabilitySMEs and startup applicationFor complex needs and emphasizes graphics.
App developmentFasterSlower
Usage Mostly usedLess Used
Development CostRelatively lowHigh
Used byFacebook, Instagram, Skype, Wix, Walmart, Tesla, Tencent, etcEventbrite, LinkedIn, Airbnb, etc
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Swift can indeed be superior in terms of performance. However, it can consume more CPU power when the application is running. However, this performance problem can be overcome in React Native. React Native allows developers to use third-party resources.


Because Swift is superior, is it often used by many startups and other companies when creating applications? Not necessarily. Most startups today still rely on React Native as their programming language of choice. However, you need to underline if you are targeting iOS users only and your application needs graphics and a magnificent appearance, we recommend using Swift.

App development

The development process wants to be completed quickly and catch up on time for launching. If this is your need, React Native can be an option to catch up on your development time. React Native has a lot of feature support and reusable code so that mobile developers don’t need to write the code again; they need to create it once.

Development costs

Prices for development can vary widely. The influencing factor is region because each region or country has its rate. However, generally, the price for React Native development is $24-$48/hour. It could be lower depending on custom features, complexity, and fees by developer or vendor. Meanwhile, for swifts, it is generally $18–$49/day. This price can depend on the complexity of the application, coding effort, and fees by the developer or vendor.

Is React Native Still in Demand?

this jmage descibe about React native trends on google

The data we took from Google Trends shows that React Native has experienced a rapid increase. The interest point reached 92 on November 2. The top 5 countries experiencing an increase in interest in React Native are China, Madagascar, Mongolia, Armenia and Pakistan.

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this image describe about react native trend is happen on several countries

However, it seems that many people are developing video features in their applications using React Native. This is evident from the top search results we found:

on this image explain about react native queries

Key Takeaway: React Native is still on demand, but Swift can make you more elegant than other apps in iOS.

React Native is often chosen by many companies and startups. However, Swift is excellent if your business only targets iOS users. This article is here to give you insight into choosing the right programming language for your application. Need further consultation regarding your project application? You can schedule the time and consult with our reliable developers who are proven to have helped many international startups. Contact us now.


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