How Much Does it Cost to Build Custom Software 2023

Posted 27/04/23

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Any startup founder will know that software development is one of maybe the most expensive parts of creating your company. If you don’t quite yet realize this, then there’s all the more reason to read this article.

In this article, we’re going to discuss. How much it costs to develop custom software? These are all super important things to know as you move into the development process of any software project, whether at the initiation phase of your company or a new software project.

So, stay tuned as we bring you all of the answers. By the end of this article, you’ll get a better idea about the capital you should prepare when you want to order your custom-made software program.

The Market Price

There is a vast range in prices when you want to order your own custom software, but in our findings, the custom software development project mainly costs about $50.000 to $200.000.

It’s a broad range and could probably be confusing when you are ready to put a number in your budget. The main reason for this broad range of prices is that software can mean anything from a simple calculator to a full enterprise online system that supports millions of global users.

To better understand the budgeting for your custom-made software, we will break down the allocation that has the biggest impact on your project’s cost.

7 Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing Custom Software

Many factors are affecting the cost of custom software development. Uniquely no custom software costs the same, and the cost of development entirely depends on the factors like:

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1. Size of the software

The total cost of custom software development is directly affected by the size of the software itself. The more pages needed for the software, the cheaper the cost. Some small software consists of 10-25 screens, the medium is between 25 to 40 pages, and the large ones can be more than 40. More pages mean more work and more cost for the software. A single page of the software may cost around $200 to $400, but as the pages or screen increase, the cost will also increase.

2. Design and Development

Simple software with some basic features will cost you less than one with intricate design and features. To explain you better, we have divided this point into parts:


Designing software will highly depend on the design you choose. If you plan on a rather simple design, it will take less time to develop, resulting in a lower development cost.

The designing process will take approximately one-third of the development time. Generally, a designer takes 10 to 12 days to design software having interactive and attractive visual elements such as fonts, images, color schemes, and graphics.


After the design layout is finalized, the software developers start working on the project’s development. This mostly takes a huge part of the development time, but this again depends on the features you want in your software. The one having some simple features will cost you less.

We typically recommend a budget of about $8,000 – 16,000 to cover coming up with the design and going through a few iterations of feedback and re-design. Of course, if you need more design time or have a lot of custom artwork to be created, the project cost will go up.

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3. Integration With Other Systems

Integrating with external software introduces a lot of unknown variables into the equation. For example, you don’t know how well the other system lets information in or out and what hoops you must jump through in the process. The integration with the other system could sometimes be effortless, and sometimes they could be extremely difficult. This typical integration is mainly needed for authorizers and payment processes.

4. Migration of Existing Data

This happens when you have already used a software program for your company before and need to move your existing data from the previous system to the newer one. Migration is more than custom scripts that take data from your old system and reshape it so it can fit into your new system.

The steps of the process are fairly straightforward, but many questions and decisions need to be made as the two systems will store the data differently. Most migration efforts are run a few times after the software is finished to ensure everything gets shaped and translated correctly and the new system uses the data as desired. Therefore, figuring out the translation rules, writing the scripts, and performing a series of tests and adjustments, will add time and cost to the project, although only a little.

5. Wrap up

Getting custom software developed for your business is a tough task. Being an entrepreneur, you have to look after a lot of stuff, especially the budget.

The first thing you must do is to be clear about your idea. Once you know what you want for your business, only then will you be able to explain it to your development team. The kind of software, its features, design elements, technologies used, and development time determines the major part of your software development.

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Lastly, if we talk about the overall custom software development cost, it may range from $40,000 to $50,000, depending on the type of software you want. Thus a costume made software solution will be really suitable for you to step up your business when you aim for a bigger milestone to achieve for your business.

Key Takeaway: Custom software is a high investment in running your startup

So if you are considering starting to use custom software for your first platform or switching from the off-shelf-software to your custom-made and want to know more about finding a suitable developer for your software.

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