Strive and Manage Business During Corona with This App

Posted 29/09/20

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Bankrupt and unemployed are to be the biggest fear in this pandemic situation. There are many companies that cut off their employees. Thus, the number of unemployed people is increasing day by day. This is only in one single aspect because Coronavirus happens around the world. Entrepreneurs also have an impact. They also have a limitation of promoting their business. Some of the stores are closed. The medical staff are getting busy handling and managing the patients.

Do you know, as an entrepreneur, you can reach the opportunity to keep your business existing? Especially for you who sell daily necessities such as vegetables, fruits, and drinks you don’t need to close your store. It is time for you to expand more and help others with grocery mobile applications.

Grocery Application

Mobile grocery apps have actually become popular, and the number of such mobile apps is growing. The average way a user spends at the grocery store, according to the Time Use Institute, is about 41 minutes and if that is multiplied by 1.5 trips per week when it comes to 53 hours a year. The grocery mobile application will allow your customer to shop everywhere and anywhere. So, lockdown and physical distancing is not your fear to shop.

The grocery apps will also test your spending because you won’t position orders for unnecessary products. It was popular at the supermarket when people bought items that they didn’t need and found they’ve spent more than they needlessly needed.

Telehealth Application

Now, we are moving to a telehealth application. Telehealth application is the sharing of medical knowledge over electronic media from one location to another. That is done in order to improve the health of an individual.

This system of telemedicine is better than having to transmit the doctor or nurse information and then making them transmit the message. The specialist will detect your cough tone, or see your eyes swollen. You can learn the diagnosis and treatment choices firsthand. Telemedicine is a daily health-care facility. Patients also can redeem medicine through their mobile application. The medicine can be shipped to their home.

The advent of COVID-19, the importance of extending the use of technology to support those in need of regular treatment and holding elderly people with moderate symptoms at home while retaining access to the services they need.

All in all, if you are a businessman who thinks this Pandemic situation will break the business, it is wrong. You can conduct your business into online shopping or you can create an eCommerce for online consultation. Get know more about grocery app and telehealth app at www.emveep.com


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