Top 7 Recipe of Winning Team in Any Software development project

Posted 22/05/23

Table of Contents

Top 7 Recipes for Winning Team 

  1. Clear Requirement of Project
  2. Look for an overall fit for the role
  3. Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the composition team
  4. Tell them about your culture 
  5. Maintain transparency 
  6. Collaboration is vital to success
  7. Create Good Environment

1. Ensure that the project requirements are clear

Have you made the project requirements correctly? Based on reports from several sites, it is reported that less than 20% of businesses are out of sync between requirements and needs. This shows that the client has difficulty in making requirements that match the needs or the project manager does not understand the specifications of the project.

Apart from that, making project requirements correct will have an impact on the work of developers in the future. Starting from the length of work to the level of difficulty in implementation.

Then how to make the right project requirements? Suppose you want to create a website that needs your company profile. Make a list of what pages need to be on your website. Like the about us page, blog, contact us, or if there is a portfolio that reflects your activities.

After the page, then other additional features such as live chat, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading company profile features, and so on. Even if it is even more complex, determining the flow of the website also needs to be planned from the start to make it.

However, there is an attractive offer from us, if you have difficulty determining the specifications and requirements of the project, you can discuss it with our experts through a meeting with the expert. Meet with the expert, of course, you can directly consult and talk about your project ideas and goals and we will assist you in making clear requirements and the required specifications according to your expectations. Regarding budget? Can be discussed.

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2. Look for an overall fit for the role

Have you determined the right criteria for your team members? Here we have tips for you in getting good developers with morale. Not only skills in development, but attitude and communication are also factors of success in building a winning team for all projects.

According to Daniel Garcia, technical director at IllFonic, the most important factor in determining a suitable team member is personality. Someone can be as smart as anything, even finish the fastest job in the world, even if they can’t work together as a team, it will be useless.

In contrast to Sean Cavaliere, VP of engineering at The Predictive Index, he prioritizes overall fit for the role. That includes smarts, attitude, and experience.

From this it can be concluded, you can determine the criteria from all directions, and you can get the good and right talent for the project. However, our tips cover this second discussion. Criteria that you need to include in your list: Good communication and personality as well as appropriate expertise. This will be the ideal fuel to create a winning team in any project.

3. Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of the composition team

The team doesn’t exist yet, so how do you identify it? Here we tell you how. The first thing you can do is with people who have experience in product development and IT companies. or you can first study our previous discussion about getting to know the structure of the development team.

Continuing this discussion indicates that you already know what composition is in the team. You can start listing team members one by one and their roles. From here you can get details regarding the profile of each team member, such as expertise or skill sets and roles.

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Then you will get a number of skill sets from team members or even there is only one skill that he is most good at among the other skills. Surely this will make your list clear. Generalists and specialists will differ in working on your project. The specialist will certainly be dominant over the generalist.

This statement was reinforced by one of the SVP of Engineering at Guild Education Jess Rusin, who said you should build out your team with both generalists and deep experts.

4. Tell them about your culture

Companies that have recently implemented outsourcing must have never experienced hiring talent from various regions and even countries. Of course, these outsourced talents don’t know your company’s culture yet.

There are actually two views on this culture. Does your company rely entirely on outsourcing to develop your project or only recruit one of the developers to fill the vacancy in project team personnel? If taken from the point of view of only recruiting a few people, you should introduce the company culture to them. So they can customize the workflow.

But if you give it completely to an outsourcing company, you can choose it selectively from the results they work on, and feedback from previous clients how so that when you fully surrender your project, it means you already believe that their culture will have a positive impact on supporting the project’s continuity.

5. Maintain transparency 

What happens if a developer or member of your team doesn’t communicate properly about a problem with your project? Even this problem is not an ordinary problem but an urgency that needs to be resolved. Surely you don’t want to have a team member like this.

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This transparency function is here to solve barriers to communication. However, this transparency will not exist if the corporate culture is applied, namely indifference, rarely communicating, and working together individually. So that even if there is a problem it is not conveyed properly to other team members.

Then what should be done so that this transparency awakens naturally? Implementing a positive culture in every process development agenda, such as openness to ask and answer each other, and provide support or assistance for several members who need assistance. Indirectly you have formed a good culture so that transparency between team members will be formed.

6. Collaboration is vital to success

These are advanced tips for establishing a positive culture for development teams. Apart from the methods mentioned above, another method that you can use is to provide better documentation, and request feedback and comments online to cover all time zones.

7. Create a Good Environment

You have reached the last tip and this is the ultimate in creating winning teams in various projects. As Jim Collins, who wrote in the book “Good to Great,” said

“Ensure the right people are on the bus, the wrong people are off, and that the right people are seated.”

Creating the moment, of course, with a supportive culture and appropriate team members will have an impact on a good environment. For companies that want to find the best partner with reliable talent, this is the best opportunity to get to know us deeper. Explore the best startup partners further.


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