The importance of beta testing: Don’t miss this stage!

Posted 30/09/20

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This article is part of the software development process. In this section, we will dive into the steps in testing named it is beta testing.

Beta testing is not about test your website or application works, but it is about how you can define your product’s value. What do you do before purchasing a dress? Checking the quality of the sheet, crossing check details of that dress, and fitting it. Then, if you think that the dress does not suit you, you will return and change it, right? Or perhaps you go to the other shops and figure out the best dress. This is a story from the seller’s side. Now, think if you are a boutique owner that sells this dress. What will you do before marketing it? Checking everything out this dress and fighting whether this is good to sell and wear or not

Similar to when you want to launch and sell an application or website, you also need to check and fit the application or website. In developing an application and website, there are several stages to do. Nevertheless, there are some companies that miss this stage due to conditions; they run out of time, the client asks to launch sooner, and they are too confident about their product. These totally will affect your product’s performance. Let’s discover what beta testing is.

The definition of beta testing

Beta testing is the final round of testing before a product is finally released to a wide audience. Beta testing can be either closed and open. Usually, there is a message for users whether the application or website is on the testing stage. Anyone is welcome for beta testing but the internal team and stakeholders are prioritized. Hence, they will know which features are not well-functioning, what kind of issues they face, and so on. That’s why beta testing is needed. Through this article, let’s find out the importance of beta testing so that you don’t have to miss it.

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Ensure high quality

When you have beta testing, you will deliver a reliable product. You will know how your application or website works and don’t. It means you can value whether your product is ready to go or not. You also can measure what your customers expect on your application or website because, in open beta testing, you can have feedback from your team or people who test out your product. By having this advice, you will learn how to improve your products before launching it.

Kill the bugs

Imagine there are a hundred complaints from users as your application or website has many bugs. When you develop your product, you create it as best as you can. By contrast, when it comes to beta testing, you probably find issues. Reducing bugs in the testing phase is the right way to improve your product.

Qualify an unimportant feature

A feature must have a value. Never create too many features or too sophisticated features that may make your user confused. Try to make it simple and user-friendly. In order to test whether your features are good and easy to understand. It also cuts costs because you don’t need to spend much money to create many features.

In sum, beta testing is an ideal solution to solve critical issues in your products. Moreover, your product’s quality will perform better because you will be able to see bugs and unimportant features for users. But after that, you can check if they don’t perform better; it’s a sign that you must check whether the approach is in the right way or not on agile approach or iterative and incremental process.

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