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Posted 23/11/22

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The users of mobile apps grow significantly with the upcoming popularity of smartphones from decades before. Given there are more android devices than any other operating system, the demand for android applications will only continue to grow. 

According to the survey from Statista, there are roughly about 2.68 million applications that are available on the google play store. This massive amount of apps offers a plethora of functions for the device.

Mobile app development companies, start-ups, freelancers, and other app development experts find this an opportunity to implement their idea and make a unique Android app. And so, In this article, we are going to discuss the top android app development tools developers can use to create unique and feature-rich apps for android.

Android Studio

If we talk about the official integrated development environment for all Android applications. There is no doubt that Android Studio will be on the top list of preferred tools for developers. Android Studio provides code editing, debugging, and testing tools within an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 

Android Debug Bridge

This tool is included in android studio, which is a command-line tool. The tools help to communicate between Android devices and other computers that can be used during development and overall debugging. By connecting the android device to the computer and making necessary changes to both devices at the same time.

GameMaker: Studio

In the android game developer community, there is one popular development tool that is highly recommended for beginner and novice gaming developers which is Game maker: Studio. GameMaker provides everything that a beginner developer needs to create 2D games. Not only will it require a low amount of code, but it is also extremely user-friendly with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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AVD Manager

If you are looking for tools that are capable of simulating a variety of devices then AVD Manager will be your best buddy. AVD is an android app builder that is capable of simulating an android device on your computer. So you may test your application on a variety of android devices without actually having the mobile device. 

The emulator almost has all of the features of a real android device. You can simulate a call and messages, simulate device location tracking, simulate different network conditions for your apps, and also access even the google play store.

Android SDK

One of the major Android app development tools is Android SDK which is utilized for developing a vast number of applications. This is also an IDE having numerous features to write, optimize, and test codebases for building mobile applications on Android.

This Android development kit provides a plethora of tools required for building any type of application and guarantees the procedure goes as easily as could reasonably be expected. Regardless of whether you make an application utilizing Java, Kotlin, or C#, you will need the SDK to get it to run on any Android gadget.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a free, open-source, cross-platform solution for creating high-level interactive games. Furthermore, if you are still a beginner or novice game developer this tool is highly recommended.

In addition, there is more reason why this tool can be popular among game designers. Because it features the Blueprint system that limits the need for a lot of coding. Designers with minimal development or coding experience can utilize Unreal Engine to create their own advanced gaming experiences.

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Talking about the all-in-one development tool in android apps will not be complete without mentioning Fabric. Fabric is the development platform behind Twitter’s mobile application. It gives developers the ability to build better mobile apps by providing them with a suite of “kits” that they can pick and choose from. These kits include everything from beta testing to marketing and advertising tools.

The tools have an unquestioned position as one of the best because Uber, Spotify, Square, Groupon, Yelp, and more big-name companies have utilized Fabric in developing their mobile applications. In 2017 Google purchased Fabric from Twitter so we may expect more integrated uses of the tool.


When working on any web or mobile project, performance is always key. And FlowUp is a perfect tool for developers to check the performance of their Android app or any other app as well. It’s a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that you can get by doing a subscription.

The system shows you a nice, organized dashboard of all the key metrics for your application like CPU, bandwidth, disk usage, memory usage, FPS, and more.

Visual Studio With Xamarin

Next on our list, we have another classic tool, already known to most people. Visual Studio is Microsoft’s original development environment. Visual Studio is a good choice for Android Studio. 

It is free to use and also supports many different languages when combined with Xamarin, Visual Studio when combined with Xamarin does nearly everything Android Studio does and builds authentic native apps. The tool comes in handy as a cross-platform development tool, seeing as it can also build applications not only for android but also IOS and Windows.

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There are hundreds of other useful tools such as these available for Android development. Each developer has their personal preference for what tools and environments they work with based on the particular application they are developing. As the demand for Android applications continues to grow, the pool of platforms and solutions that help save developers time while helping to produce higher-quality apps will continue to increase as well.

So what are your favorite android development tools? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, If you find this article helpful please check our next discussion about android development that you want and need today.

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