Top 12 Ruby On Rails Development Companies Of 2019

Posted 29/09/20

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There are many companies that use Ruby on Rails programming language to build their website and applications. Famous brands such as Shopify,, Slideshare, Twitter, etc love Ruby on Rails and use this technology for developing their products. Although other programming languages such as Javascript, Laravell, PHP, BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Java, Python still exist and widely used by programmers and developers, Ruby on Rails is the most outstanding programming language

There are 3 main advantages of Ruby on Rails:

Accessible platform

Ruby On Rails is open-source software, which means it is ultimately free to use. More than 4500 developers have done custom lines of code the RoR. It means, businesses can do a collaboration with Ruby on Rails development service to personalize and maintain their website and mobile applications.

Multi-language support

Although RoR is based on Ruby, it has multiple language support in its backends such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, RoR can perform smoothly across multiple web formats without fail.

Simple API integration

Ruby on Rails websites can be integrated with third-party programs through a seamless API. It makes it easier for developers to integrate with other parties to personalize their website and mobile applications based on their market needs.

Emveep, the Indonesian Ruby on Rails Developers

The demand for Ruby on Rails developers is as high as many companies use this technology. Emveep is an enterprise software solution to develop tech products, specializing in Ruby on Rails programming language. Although our main specialization is in Ruby on Rails, our team is also competent in some language programming; Laravel, Node.Js, Angular.Js, React, Kotlin, Swift, and Python.

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Emveep was established in 2006 with more than 30 developers. We already delivered more than 100 projects from various countries and business types. In general, we provide services and products.


We understand that not all businesses have much budget to develop their project. Thus, we deliver a fixed priced project to help them launch their projects. In this case, we will discuss with our potential clients about their project and requirement. After that, we give an estimated cost and timeline, and when it finishes. It will help businesses with a limited budget as we customize between the project delivery and budget.

On the other hand, we push our specialization in Ruby on Rails service. It is an agile development. We offer businesses our Ruby on Rails team to continue their project, maintain, or refactoring project. Unlike the fixed priced project service, this agile development service serves for the short term. Usually, we build clients’ projects in a minimum of 3 months with 6 sprints.


We quickly respond to the current technology businesses need. We deliver several products which are widely sought after by technology businesses. We have a crypto exchange, grocery, and telehealth applications. Clients can use their logo, company’ colour, and other company’s brand in these applications.

The Top 22 Ruby On Rails Development Companies Of 2019, According To DesignRush

In the last 2019, our service was recognized by the international agency, DesignRush. Emveep was nominated as top 22 Ruby on Rails development companies of 2019. Emveep was on the 12th rank as a recommendation Ruby on Rails development companies. It proved that Emveep can competence with international RoR service companies.

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According to the DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian in their article “Ruby On Rails is one of the leading website frameworks. Their dedication to building light, fast-loading websites that are customizable and simple to develop adds significant long-term value to the businesses that build their online presence on ROR.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global Ruby On Rails agencies. Some of the top Ruby On Rails development companies from around the world include:

  1. Rubyroid Labs
  2. Parrolabs Inc
  3. Active Bridge
  4. Andolasoft
  5. Arkenea
  6. BenoSoftware
  7. Briisk
  8. Clustox
  9. Datarockets
  10. Digiryte
  11. DNA Team
  12. Emveep
  13. Eproductions interactive web team
  14. JetRuby Agency
  15. Jyaasa Technologies
  16. Navtech
  17. RailsCarma
  18. Redwerk
  19. Sloboda Studio
  20. Syndicode
  21. ThinkSys Inc
  22. Webisoft

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