Here’s the Type of Apps on Demand For Gen Z at 2023

Posted 23/02/23

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The battle in the business of providing applications is an exciting thing. Incidentally, we will discuss trending mobile apps among Gen Z on this occasion.

Why does it have to be generation Z? According to the Chief Growth Officer at HypeFactory, Gen Z is the first generation to be classified as a digital native and has a population of 68 million members. They account for 20% of the world’s population, so this demographic is the most targeted audience by various brands.

Before discussing the stunning gen Z consumers, we will examine the statistics for mobile application trends in 2023. Of course, this will be the initial consideration for choosing the application idea you will make. Immediately, this is our first discussion.

Game Apps are Richer Than Social Network Apps

Mobile app revenue data by segment

What data is shown in the image above? The data shows revenue forecasting generated from applications with various categories. The source of this data is obtained from Statista.

What points do you get from this statistical picture? You need to pay attention to the development of applications in the games category, which are expected to increase every year. But will developing game apps take much time and require more developer staff? The level of difficulty in making games is at a higher level than in social networking. 

You can create an option if you have enough time to develop the games category. However, if your time is not long enough, you can rely on social networking or entertainment as your business.

Can data alone represent perceptions in the market? By the way, we’ve been talking too much about data. What kind of application is needed right now? Find this answer in the following discussion.


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Revealing Tiktok Strategy to be the Most Needed App

Tiktok Strategy to be the Most Needed App

In the previous discussion, applications in the games category do look promising, but are they in line with user requests? We found an engaging resource. Based on Software testing help, the data found that TikTok is the most needed application for now. They were evidenced by the number of users who downloaded the TikTok application in 2021 alone. According to Forbes, it has reached 656 million and received a rating of around 4.5-4.9.

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Suppose we combine the findings from Statista and other sites that discuss similar matters. In that case, it is found that the TikTok application is not only for creating and sharing short creative video clips but is more focused on the two direct categories, entertainment, and social networking.

If you combine business people, anyone can develop the project. But after considering which category to choose, what are the following things to pay attention to? This question will be an interesting discussion, namely demographics. Do not know, then do not love. Get to know your consumers or users to achieve product market fit. The following discussion is your golden opportunity to get to know the first generation of digital natives.

What Does Gen Z Want In an App?

generation z want in app

Does this mean that TikTok has succeeded in attracting Gen Z’s interest by getting the most needed applications? There are things you need to pay attention to for this generation. What do they want for an application? 4 basic requirements need to exist in your application.

1. Fast Digital Speed is Key

Waiting is frustrating. A lot of time is wasted just because of waiting for the application to load. In their speed expectation, they are number 1 and essential to the application they want. Generation Z has a shorter span of about eight seconds. This generation wants it all, and they want it now. Instant gratification is the hallmark of this generation. That means mobile apps have to be fast. In addition, Gen Z wants applications that work smoothly, load the information quickly, and provide quick content sharing.

2. Personalized Digital Experiences

This generation wants to have personalized experiences with social media and mobile apps. Gen Z treats personalization as a benefit or something that adds value to a mobile app. That means apps must-have features, such as saving login information and geolocation information, are a must.

3. Opportunity to be Creative

About 51% of Gen Z think they are more creative than other generations. Many of this generation spend their free time online doing creative activities, for example, creating memes, making TikTok videos, and editing photos for social media. Gen Z considers themselves generalists — they may be good at several creative activities, such as playing music, drawing, and writing. If you want Gen Z to use your app, include innovative tools on your mobile platform.

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4. Use the Subscription Service through the App

Gen Z is more financially independent than their Millennial predecessors, who came of age during the global recession. This generation has purchasing power. Gen Z already spends $44 billion a year. What are they spending their money on? Gen Z is more interested in services than paying for one-time items. For example, they use subscriptions like Netflix, Uber, and Spotify.


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5 Ideas that Haven’t been Made For Gen Z App

Ideas for app on demand in Gen Z

Are you familiar with Gen Z enough? Now is the time to share tips for our recommended ideas for developing your application.

1. Social Networking Category of Apps on Demand

The idea, this time, came from the category of social networking. Have you ever considered how a platform like Slack or Trello can appear in a different form in social networking? This idea departs from a rigid appearance of a web app like Slack and Trello. Even though this is already in the SharePoint feature, you can use social networking only for employees and the corporate community to support the work environment digitally. 

2. Entertainment Category of Apps on Demand

The next idea is from the entertainment category. Offline events may have more of an ambiance, but nothing has improved the experience of events in the digital world like offline. Not only that, but other ideas can also lead to music applications that have audio quality like we are listening to a concert. Or an application for watching movies that don’t require coming to the cinema. Experience can you feel with one touch through the application. It sounds like Netflix or even disney+ Hotstar. But is there an app that beats cinema as the first place to watch movies?

3. Photo & Video Category of Apps on Demand

Furthermore, this idea came from the photo and video category. As we can see, the images and videos that are currently competing are Instagram and TikTok. We take the other side of the opportunities neither of them has achieved. This idea stems from the quality of the photos, which smartphone brands still influence.

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This application is the same as IG and TikTok, but what’s the difference? You remember the quality settings on the YouTube platform 360p, 720p, and others. You can adjust the video quality, especially the camera quality. However, you can set this through the application without worrying that the smartphone brand must be an iPhone.

In addition to these ideas, you can use a combination of photos and videos like social media apps in your application. With camera quality positioning, there is no need to hesitate. Set it up in the application, and it’s done.

4. Lifestyle Category of Apps on Demand

Sometimes the current lifestyle trend application is still centered on social networking. But this application only appears on the one-stop shopping marketplace. There are news updates on lifestyle issues and even a reminder setting for your shopping expenses per month, departing from consumer behavior that often buys unexpected items when they are not needed.

5. Productivity Category of Apps on Demand

Even the Alarm application as a reminder is not enough to make us realize that we must be productive—productive needs to have a hook that attracts someone to do activities when they feel lazy. Playing to earn games is suitable as bait for them to continue their actions rather than lazing around. You can apply this idea in your application.


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What are the Upcoming Apps on Demand in 2023?

Upcoming trend on apps

It doesn’t feel like it’s the end of this article. The thing you need to be aware of in the following application development is an AI-based application. This AI boom can open opportunities for creating GPT Chat-class applications with various combinations of photo, video, and social networking features.

Start Develop Your App Today

We have provided everything you need. The following action is to start planning what kind of application you will make. If an MVP for your product hasn’t been formed, Emveep provides services to help you create an MVP. In addition, our developer experts have experience in this application project. We have taken over several large companies in its development. Let’s make your business idea come true with the experts.

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