Top 4 Custom Software Development Types 2023

Posted 27/04/23

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Today, developing custom software has become the ideal solution for running a business, where the increasingly fierce competition era has required every entrepreneur to be sensitive to change and must be able to adapt, especially in the software business line.

Business software must always meet certain business requirements to survive. These requirements involve the conceptualization, design, development, and deployment of Software for certain individuals and groups. Developing software allows your business to cover a wider scale by offering Software tailored to users’ needs.

Depending on the company’s needs, several types of custom software services can be developed, and each type has its own benefits. This article will define four types of custom software services and their benefits.

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4 Types of Custom Software Development Services

Before developing custom software, it’s good to know the types of custom software itself, the definition, and its benefits. The following will be described here :

1. Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development

Mobile application development is a term that refers to developing applications operating on mobile devices. Simply, mobile application development is the process of making applications on smartphones.

In this era, a company needs to ensure customer satisfaction and give a feeling of being privileged. You can provide personalized service to your customers by developing a custom mobile application. You can also increase productivity and stay competitive in the market.

Custom app development is more specialized to serve specific users rather than dealing with large groups. Nonetheless, this business has gained a lot of traction. Everyone would love to be privileged, right?

There are several benefits found in custom mobile app development, including:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency as it facilitates seamless collaboration between the workforce with various functions that need to be integrated.
  • Revenue can be increased by having third-party collaborations offer extended services to your customers, encouraging them to spend more.
  • The scope of scale becomes larger by determining the scalability of your custom application so that it can easily provide solutions to the needs of your target users.
  • Provide personalization to your service users. This includes custom messaging, corporate branding, and user experience.
  • Security can be increased with local storage or using the cloud for custom apps.
  • Communicate more effectively as needed as you can determine when automatic updates will be released.

2. E-Commerce Software Development

E-commerce development

E-Commerce which stands for Electronic Commerce is all forms of buying and selling activities carried out with the help of electronic media. Many people think that E-Commerce is the same as the Marketplace. In fact, the term e-commerce is used for all transactions that use electronic media. While the Marketplace is one example of E-Commerce.

Businesses in the E-Commerce sector continue to show how increasingly fierce competition is in line with the growth in their use. Of course, this has presented many challenges for its people in business. The key that must be maintained is to pay attention to customers. Once they are disappointed and move to your competitors, it won’t be easy to win them back.

Therefore, E-Commerce companies need to invest in custom solutions to maintain user loyalty and attract users from competitors.

Here are some of the benefits that can be felt by developing E-Commerce as a type of custom software:

  • Combining various business processes to overcome various obstacles that arise from user needs that come from the daily use of Software.
  • Integrated with other business management systems, such as ERP, marketing platforms, and CRM.
  • Make it easier to scale by adjusting the needs that continue to grow as the business grows.
  • Have a competitive advantage by providing a unique online buying experience through personalization to differentiate yourself in this busy industry.
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3. SaaS Development

SaaS Development

One sector that is growing rapidly in the technology industry is Software as a Service (SaaS). In fact, by 2024, it is expected that the SaaS sector will reach a market size of more than $185.8 billion.

Actually, what is SaaS?

Software as a Service or known as SaaS, is Software that makes it easy for users to access an application without the need to install it. First, SaaS utilizes cloud computing technology. Custom solutions allow SaaS companies to provide access to online applications for their clients and eliminate the need for expensive and complex hardware management.

In addition, custom solutions are designed to suit the client’s requirements and can be easily customized. Examples of SaaS are Dropbox, Google Apps, Hubspot, and many more. The benefits of developing custom SaaS include:

  • Reduce upfront costs because there is no need for traditional app purchase and software installation processes.
  • SaaS is recognized as more secure than traditional data storage. Coupled with custom makes user data more protected proactively.
  • Backup and restoring data can be easy via cloud storage in remote locations.

4. Custom Product Development (CPD)

Product development

Custom product development can be the answer for a business that aims to monetize its software solutions to generate revenue. CPD is the process of developing a customized product.

CPD includes an end-to-end product development process that includes product strategy, design, development, launch, maintenance, support, and expansion. Custom product development covers a wide range of software solutions, including:

  • Web-based software products.
  • Mobile apps.
  • SaaS-based applications.
  • White-label Software.

The main benefit of CPD is that it is more cost-effective, as product development is a full-scale process that usually requires very expensive development services.


After knowing some examples of the types of services from custom software development, you are now more confident in determining your business needs. Whether it’s a mobile application, E-Commerce, SaaS, or CPD, it’s a good idea to look for an article about a software development guide to ensure your development process is on track.


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