How Swift Can Save Large Apps Like Uber

Posted 15/12/23

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Quick Overview: Uber has a big problem with their apps. One of the problems is App size. But after Uber implemented Swift to the apps, they can reduce the code size of Uber’s iOS Rider app by 23% using advanced compiler technologies. Furthermore 17% and 19% code size savings in the Uber Driver and Uber Eats iOS apps, respectively.

Uber is one of tech company that play in transportation industries. Uber have a many apps such as Uber iOS Rider, Driver and Eats. But in make their apps running smoothly for their user, they have some trouble in the apps. The 3 Apps of uber have a large size. Sometimes user cant use a feature on the apps when they are not on a wifi. This make their customer experience on apps is bad. But Uber take a smart move, to choose swift as a primary programming language. This time we will discover more how swift can save large apps like Uber.

Uber’s Smart Move

To address this issue, Uber made a smart move by choosing Swift as its primary programming language. Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language that is designed to make programming more accessible and fun. It is also known for its speed and efficiency, which makes it an ideal choice for developing large apps like Uber. 

According to Uber post, the choice of Swift as their primary programming language, fast-paced development environment, and feature additions, layered software and its dependencies, and statically linked platform libraries result in large app binaries. Reducing application size is critical to their customer experience. 

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Moreover, Apple’s app-download-size limitations prohibit large app downloads over the air. App-download-size restriction means first-time users cannot download the app when they need it the most, and Uber cannot deliver features, promotions, or security updates to existing users when they are not on Wi-Fi.

We established a correlation between the Uber Rider app size and customer engagement — when the app size crosses the download size limit, and it leads to a 10% reduction in app installations, 12% reduction in sign-ups, and 20% reduction in first-time bookings, resulting in revenue loss. Over the past three years, the Uber Rider app’s size has often approached the App store’s over-the-air download limit, and staying below it is a clear priority.

How Swift Can Save Large Apps

Swift is a compiled language, which means that it is faster than interpreted languages like Python and Ruby. This makes it an ideal choice for developing large apps like Uber, which require fast and efficient code. Swift also has a number of features that make it easier to write and maintain code, such as optionals, closures, and type inference.

Swift’s optionals allow developers to write code that handles nil values more gracefully. This is important when developing large apps like Uber, where there are many different types of data that need to be handled. Closures are another feature of Swift that make it easier to write clean and concise code. They allow developers to pass functions around as variables, which makes it easier to write reusable code.

Final Words

In conclusion, Swift is an ideal choice for developing large apps like Uber. Its speed, efficiency, and ease of use make it a powerful tool for developers. By choosing Swift as its primary programming language, Uber has made a smart move that will help it to continue to provide a great user experience for its customers.

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