The Future of Ruby on Rails: What’s New and What’s Coming in 2023

Posted 05/06/23

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Ruby on Rails had become a public conversation. The headline that caught the attention of both developers and businesses was “Is ruby on rails dead?” even up to the news there are still those who write about the decline in popularity of ruby.

But do you know? Is the old ruby isn’t the current one? But this programming language has overlaid its weaknesses into a new strength. We have found new facts about ruby on rails that can benefit you if you use them in business digitization projects.

Watch this article to the end. Don’t forget, after reading this article, you can consult the Ruby on Rails developer with us. Because the future of Ruby on Rails will become a major star in 2023.

New Face in Ruby on Rails

advantages of ruby programming language

The following is a list that you need to pay attention to one by one of the powers of this programming language for your business.

1. Ruby on Rails launch version 7

top backend technology

David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails said that this version is what he has been waiting for. Likened to an ace from the development he has done. The development of version 7 aims to create “a toolkit so powerful that it will enable a single individual to create modern applications that they can use to build a competitive business for the future of ruby on rails”.

In addition, the changes he made include:

  • Back-end upgrades in data’s ability to be encrypted while active in the database
  • Single-page web application speed without having to write any JavaScript
  • The Hotwire frameworks from Stimulus and Turbo have been integrated directly as the new default
  • there’s no need to run an entire enchilada of the JavaScript ecosystem in your Ruby app anymore
  • An encrypted attribute has been added to Active Record, allowing apps to offer workplace encryption in addition to traditional at-rest and transit coverage. An additional layer of security is provided through this fix.
  • With asynchronous query loading, two unrelated queries can be executed concurrently through controller actions.
  • The Zeitwerk code loader replaces the const_missing approach.
  • Spring’s application preloader is no longer active by default, as faster computers make it unnecessary except for the largest applications.
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2. Ruby on Rails Cooperation With Javascript

 ruby on rails vs javascript

Released December 15, Rails 7 takes advantage of browser support for the ECMAScript 6 JavaScript standard and ECMAScript modules, the wide adoption of HTTP/2, and the import map standard for importing JavaScript modules. This gives developers a “no-Node” approach to front-end development while still providing access to modern NPM and JavaScript packages. Rails 7 replaces TurboLinks and Rails UJS with Turbo and Stimulus Hotwire on the front end.

3. Top Programming Language for Cryptography

ruby on rails company

Reporting from Analytic Insights, it is stated that the Rails programming language is included in the best category in cryptography. Cryptography is a technique for protecting data and communications using code, ensuring that only the intended audience can decipher and process the data.

4. Ruby on Rails Awarded In Top Backend Technology

top backend technology

Web and mobile apps cannot be scalable, usable, or responsive without superior backend technology. The backend focuses on the application architecture and acts as a link between the front end and the database. Reporting from the analytical insight site, Ruby is one of the best technologies for creating web application architectures. So it’s no wonder that many startup companies use similar technology, such as Airbnb, Fiverr, and GitHub

5. Big Feature Coming on Ruby on Rails 3.2.0

benefit of ruby on rails

Ruby 3.2.0, with major new features including initial WebAssembly support and the first non-experimental release of YJIT (Yet another Just-in-Time Compiler), with an average 41% performance improvement over the Ruby interpreter.

Another big feature in 3.2.0 is WASI-based WebAssembly support. “This allows CRuby binaries to be available in Web browsers, Serverless Edge environments, or other types of WebAssembly/WASI embeds,”

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One more new feature is the Regexp (Regular Expression) algorithm which can increase the performance many times. In the previous version, it took 10 seconds, now it takes 0.003 seconds to run.

Will Ruby on Rails remain popular in 2023?

With new signals and perfectly developed features, there is a possibility the future of Ruby on Rails will become popular again this year. 

“If there ever was an opening, ever was a chance that we might at least tilt the direction of the industry, now is it” – David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of ruby on rails.


Use the Ruby on Rails programming language now or never. This is a sentence that you need to realize as a businessman or a company that is just starting before you regret not using Ruby on Rails now. Even though the facts mentioned above are not understood by you as a business owner, by using the Ruby on Rails programming language, you can experience very significant changes in the performance of your website or web apps in running your business.

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