Vuejs Alternatives to Ruby on Rails? Here’s Top 8 Reasons

Posted 06/06/23

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Vue.js provides a modern and lightweight frontend framework for building dynamic and interactive web applications. As a result of its simplicity, performance, and flexibility, it has gained a lot of attention.

But how does it compare to Ruby on Rails, one of the most established and widely used backend frameworks in the industry? 

Here are the top 8 reasons why Vuejs alternatives to Ruby on Rails in your web projects. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a frontend or a backend developer, you will find something useful and interesting in this article. So let’s get started!

Top 8 Reasons Vue.js as an Alternative to Ruby on Rails

1. Best UI Framework 

Based on some sources, mention the reason Vuejs alternatives to ruby on rails is one of the best UI frameworks. Caused Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. But the other hand, A full-stack web framework called Ruby on Rails is made to manage even the most complicated websites with huge databases and stringent security measures. 

Meanwhile, Vue.js is a frontend framework designed to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. To compare between two programming languages, we need to consider the following aspects:

Design system

Ruby on Rails Framework does not follow a specific design system but relies on the developer’s choice of CSS framework or library. Some popular CSS frameworks combined with Ruby on Rails are Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind CSS, and Foundation. Vue.js UI frameworks, on the other hand, usually follow a specific design system, such as Material Design or Bootstrap.


RoR Framework does not provide built-in UI components but relies on the developer’s choice of gems or libraries. But rails can combine with popular gems and libraries such as Simple Form, Devise, Active Admin, and Stimulus. Conversely, UI frameworks in Vue js provide ready-made UI components.

Platform support

Ruby on Rails supports web development only and requires additional tools or plugins to work with other platforms, such as mobile or desktop. Vue.js UI frameworks support web development by default, and some also support cross-platform development, such as Quasar or Ionic.

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Community and Documentation

Ruby has a mature and established community and documentation that can help developers with issues or questions. Vue.js UI frameworks also have active and supportive communities and documentation that can help developers learn and use the frameworks.

Some developers prefer Vue.js over Ruby because they find it easier to work with JavaScript than Ruby, and they like the simplicity and flexibility of Vue.js. They also appreciate the performance and reactivity of Vue.js, which makes the user interface more responsive and dynamic. 

“Ivan Shamatov said that he was impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of Vue.js and how it works well with Rails.”

2. Rapid MVP Development

Another reason Vuejs alternatives to Ruby on Rails are equivalent to Ruby regarding MVP development. Because it supports rapid growth, has built-in components, and has a concise and expressive syntax. Also, have a high performance and a low learning curve.

However, you are looking at the speed of developing features. In that case, Ruby on Rails might have the edge over Vue.js because it has many built-in functionalities and conventions that reduce the amount of code you write. For a full-stack web application, you can combine Vue.js and Ruby on Rails as the frontend and backend frameworks, respectively.

3. Best Programming Language for Beginners

In some of our findings, Vuejs alternatives to Ruby on Rails is caused best for beginners. Because it is a derivative of javascript, One of the characteristics of JS is that it is easy to learn and adapt to other languages. Furthermore, major IT behemoths like Google, Facebook, Gmail, and others rely on JavaScript.

But when comparing with Ruby on Rails in terms of the best programming languages for beginners, it depends on what aspect of programming you are looking at. 

It may be easier to learn Vue.js than Ruby on Rails since its syntax is simpler, its scope is smaller, and its learning curve is more gradual. 

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However, if you are looking at the ease of development, Ruby on Rails might have the edge over Vue.js because it has more built-in functionalities, conventions, and gems that reduce the amount of code you write.

4. Flexible Structure

Vue.js is easily learnable if you’re familiar with JavaScript. It has a clear and concise syntax and a flexible structure. You can use it as a standalone library or integrate it with other tools and libraries. On the other hand, Ruby on Rails has a steeper learning curve and requires more conventions and configurations. It has many features and gems that can speed up the development process and increase complexity and dependencies.

5. High Performance and Speed 

Vue.js is known for its high performance and speed, using a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to update the UI efficiently. It also supports server-side rendering, which can improve the web pages’ initial loading time and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Ruby on Rails is slower than Vue.js, as it relies on the Ruby interpreter and various scripts and libraries. It also has some scalability and memory consumption issues, which may affect the performance of large and complex applications.

6. Most Popular Frontend Framework

VueJS is a modern, quick, and lightweight frontend framework that is gaining great popularity and is one of the most popular frontend solutions, just like React and Angular. Many companies and projects, such as Alibaba, GitLab, Adobe, and Netflix, widely use it.  In addition, Ruby on Rails is also a popular backend framework, but its popularity has declined in recent years due to the emergence of newer and faster technologies. 

7. Best Choice for Startup

Here are some benefits of using VueJS for startup development:

  • Flexible and easily adjustable to various projects.
  • Single-file component-based architecture based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it easy for developers to manage every app part.
  • Lightweight and small size, making it faster to load and run.
  • The shallow learning curve makes it easy for developers to learn and use.
  • A range of tools can integrate with other frameworks.
  • The framework uses virtual DOM modeling and rendering to make it faster and more efficient.
  • Allows for incrementally adoptable development, which means that developers can use VueJS for specific parts of their app without having to rewrite it.
  • Several big companies, including Gitlab, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Adobe, Euronews, Nintendo, Grammarly, Codeship, Behance, and many more, use Vuejs.
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With its flexibility, ease of use, shallow learning curve, good range of tools, and ease of integration with other frameworks, VueJS offers many benefits for startup development.

8. User-friendly Framework

Takes little time to learn Vue.js, one of these frameworks. It only requires a basic understanding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Unlike React or Angular, it does not call for expertise in many programming languages. Several software companies use some of the same tools using Vuejs. It also has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, which makes things simpler to work with this technology right out of the box.

Key Takeaway: Great alternative to Ruby on Rails?

Depending on the scope of your project, this question will be answered differently. But for large scale, we recommend sticking with ruby on rails. Meanwhile, on the one hand, if you want to try Vue js, you should use both and combine them. Vue js has a front end, while Ruby has a back end.

In addition, some developers combine Ruby on Rails with other frontend frameworks, such as React or Angular, to create full-stack applications. If you need a developer for your alternative programming languages, we have 50 more highly skilled developers based on your tech stack. We can give you recommendations of programming languages that should use for your project. Meet with an expert now or take a look at our vue js development companies Indonesia profile.


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