Using Walmart’s Augmented Reality App? Here’s What You Might Miss

Posted 09/10/23

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Consumer behavior and technological progress are inexorably linked. For businesses that want to stay relevant, adapting to emerging technology trends is a necessity that must be addressed. One inspiring example in this case is the strategy implemented by Walmart in utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to provide an increasingly digital shopping experience through integration into the iOS application.

Advantages of the AR Walmart Application

To continue providing innovative shopping experiences, Walmart has introduced an AR feature in its app. By utilizing AR technology, users can explore products more interactive and immersively. Walmart’s custom AR scanner projects detailed product information, prices, and customer reviews directly on the user’s device screen. This information is updated automatically from a trusted source,, ensuring the data’s accuracy and freshness.

Not only that, users can also easily access links connected to related products, allowing them to explore further and make more informed shopping decisions. This innovation becomes an interactive window enabling customers to understand the product thoroughly before purchasing.

Walmart’s AR project resulted from an internal collaboration involving various teams within the company, who worked together during a hackathon. The main goal is to optimize the potential of Apple’s ARKit technology to improve the shopping experience on the Walmart platform. However, to experience the benefits of this AR feature, users must run the latest version of the Walmart application on their iOS device, with a minimum version of 18.20.

Walmart AR App Weaknesses

Although full of innovative potential, this step also faces real challenges. One of them is the technical requirements of ARKit 1.5, which requires users to have a minimum iOS version of 11.3. As a result, the AR technology implemented by Walmart can only be enjoyed by owners of the latest iPhones. Despite these limitations, Walmart’s move still illustrates the company’s commitment to providing a shopping experience relevant to the latest technology trends.

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The steps taken by Walmart in adopting AR as part of its shopping strategy are familiar in the retail industry. Several large companies, such as Amazon, IKEA, and Wayfair, have also taken similar steps by integrating AR technology into their platforms. This lets customers virtually “place” products in their home environment, helping them make more informed shopping decisions.

Social media companies like Snapchat and Facebook have also played a role in bringing this trend to life. They have leveraged AR technology to allow users to try on various accessories, makeup, or even furniture virtually, bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds.

Innovation and Collaboration with Experts

The importance of innovating in this digital era is not only limited to adopting AR technology but also includes various innovations such as Virtual Reality (VR) and other technologies. Businesses that want to survive and thrive must embrace these changes and integrate them with their strategy. However, it should be noted that the journey towards implementing this advanced technology requires a skilled and knowledgeable team. For this reason, collaboration with iOS application development companies can help overcome technical challenges and ensure optimal results. Adaptation is critical in a business world that continues progressing, and technological innovation is the primary means to success.

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