API Series 01: Why Do They Matter and Common Usage of APIs

Posted 19/09/23

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Still too new to the world of software development? Our article today will thoroughly examine the use of the API. Then why is this API so crucial in software development? Or you often hear API; the I abbreviation is Interface.

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What are APIs, and Why Do They Matter?

We found an explanation that even newcomers to the API could understand. This is quoted from a LinkedIn post by the Hunting Bags account, which says that the API is the same as when you share your favorite songs with your friends or post the best scores from your favorite games on social media. The API is like carrying information and a secret code between different apps.

Technically actually close to the explanation by Hunting Bags. API is a set of code that functions to receive requests and send responses to other programs.

In addition, the API is commonly used by the majority of websites and apps to connect with servers, the front and back of the web, or what is commonly called the front end and back end. This API can also set up a function, such as in an airplane service application, where additional seat features, ticket reservations, and departure schedules can be arranged through the API. So its use cannot be separated, and this must exist in a website, application, and software.

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What is the difference between API and Interface?

Is this API abbreviation the I is an interface? Even though some sites say that API is a type of Interface, Interface is not necessarily API. How could that be?

According to several sites that we met, it was found that an Interface fact tends to display or output generated from a set of codes that we call the API. So it’s true that an interface is not necessarily an API because a result or appearance will be like what, while an API is a set of code that is indeed one of the interfaces or output of its display.

We quote the comparison of this API with the Interface from the site we encountered.

“Think of the Interface as a pool and the API as one swimmer. The API is a specialized initiator, just one possible way to fulfill a request.”

How about an example from the API? In the following discussion, we provide popular examples of frequently used APIs.

What is a Popular Example of an API?

We have summarized for you some popular APIs which are widely used. Here are the 5 Popular APIs of 2023:

1. Twitter API

This Twitter API consists of ads, content marketing, and chatbot requirements. The Ads API creates and manages ad campaigns on the Twitter platform. Using this API, you can personalize ads based on the target audience and check ad performance in real time.

Content Marketing API is commonly used to integrate content scheduling without going through the Twitter platform. In addition, it is also used for tracking the performance of ongoing content using Twitter metrics such as tweets, replies, retweets, clicks, and more.

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Finally, chatbot API or Twitter Direct messages are used to reply to messages automatically without having to open the Twitter application or platform.

Isn’t that amazing? The use of this API facilitates work that should go through the platform.

2. Google Maps API

This API is made with the Javascript programming language. Google provides this to make it easier for users to create custom appearances and functionality, including markers, info windows, and overlays. 

Users can freely interact with the map directly on the website, finding the location of their favorite service without having to open Google Maps elsewhere. The API function makes it easier and allows users to interact directly.

3. PayPal API

The function of this API is to use the payment system via PayPal safely and efficiently. Often you find several e-commerce websites that provide Paypal payment services. Of course, this payment service uses the API.

4. ChatGPT API

The most common usage of ChatGPT API is transforming it into a highly customizable chatbot for organizations. ChatGPT will be integrated into the company’s chatbot platform or even embedded on the website itself. The language model can be trained to answer questions about the company’s products and services.

5. eCommerce API

This API is supported by a platform called Shopify. It can be used to build custom storefronts, add new features and functionality, integrate with third-party apps, payment gateways, and shipping providers, and automate various aspects of the eCommerce process.

What is the Common Usage of APIs?

After you know about sharing examples, what is this API usually used for? API is usually used to connect the front view of the website with the back view. This can also take any form, depending on what code is made and for what.

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Key Takeaway: It’s Okay to Know API More Better

So what conclusions can you take? Of course, this can benefit your business by knowing the API. You can indirectly understand the performance of the API. This can be useful for those of you who are just starting to develop software such as applications and websites. So that everything is correct in making your website and application.


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