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Why Outsourced IT Support is still important

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Many smaller organizations struggle to afford the required levels of technical support in-house. Learn the advantages of outsourcing IT support from experts.

What is Outsourced IT Support? 

Outsourced IT Support is usually termed a technical service designed to assist computer technology your company's internal members do not own.

Anytime you have an unresolved IT issue, it is guaranteed to slow down productivity, frustrate staff, waste your organization's time and money. Both are valuable commodities for any business. Working with an IT service provider can relieve day-to-day stress. Can allow you and your team to stay focused where it's needed.

The benefits of having an IT service provider ensure you receive the efficient and effective support needed to keep your daily work on track, increase your bottom line, and take your business to the next level.

When you entrust your MSP (managed service provider) to handle your business IT. This can include IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, network monitoring, cloud migration, disaster recovery, and more. Outsourced IT support goes beyond calling a technician to fix a broken computer or downed server. Not only IT Support, but it can build a partnership with a reliable MSP to protect and monitor your digital data and infrastructure. This partnership is more than a band-aid solution; it works to constantly monitor your network and eliminate threats before they occur.

Different Kinds of Outsourced IT support

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Time and Materials (T & M)

We call this an "Extended Team" or "as needed" service in the IT business. Basically, when you need a member of your project development team, you can contact us as your IT provider or your development team to come "fix" the problem at a rate that fits your budget. Often, businesses that choose this option for their ongoing IT support needs end up with ideal results.

Software Vendor IT Services

Many software vendors will offer limited IT support services to companies using their software for an additional fee. However, recruiting the Emveep team as an IT support service ensures that the problems you face will be resolved, and the costs will be adjusted to your budget. Like the saying that says you will get what you pay for.

For example, you cannot get the report to print correctly. In this case, the software vendor will help you troubleshoot functionality issues within the software itself that might be preventing the information from being generated correctly. Once it is determined that the software is working correctly and the problem is with your computer, printer, or network. But if you ask for maintenance, it means a lot to us.

Managed IT Services

The business contracts with an IT company to act as an IT department or an extension of the internal IT team in this IT service model.

The company pays a set monthly fee for IT support under this arrangement. This typically includes but is not limited to telephone and on-site support, security, backup and disaster recovery, end-user support, and a variety of other services to ensure that the network is constantly monitored and maintained for optimal performance and security. When a problem with your business software or internet service provider arises, your IT provider will work with this vendor to resolve the issue.

The managed IT services provider is involved with the network daily in this arrangement, allowing them to spot trends, improve operational efficiencies, and quickly diagnose issues. To set the company up for success and minimize IT costs, managed IT service agreements typically include consulting services such as strategic technology planning, IT roadmaps, and long-term budgeting.

Because each business is unique, the same strategy will not work for all. Make sure your system works for you, whether you insource, outsource, or create a hybrid. You should be getting the results you need from IT to ensure that technology serves as a tool to help you achieve your business objectives rather than a hindrance.

Reason Outsourced IT Support Still Relevant

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1. Cut your expenses

An in-house IT manager's average annual salary ranges from £30 to £40,000 per year. Recruitment costs, additional company benefits, and ongoing training to keep their skills up to date are all factored in.

Most small businesses cannot afford to hire an in-house IT specialist. However, they are still faced with a significant potential cost to their business in the form of lost productivity and employees wasting valuable time trying to solve problems they don't fully comprehend. Outsourced IT support lowers your costs and consolidates them into a single monthly payment, making it easier to budget.

2. A Lack of Expertise In-House

Your company's IT may fluctuate, leaving you with preliminary work for a dedicated employee. You may be a small business with insufficient space to hire another employee.

Although your business relies heavily on IT systems, you can't justify hiring a full-time in-house employee. As a result, if you have a critical failure, you won't have any experts on hand, and you'll have to rely on expensive emergency support.

With outsourced IT support, you can call a dedicated Service Desk and speak with an IT technician as often as you want. A team of experts is always on hand to keep an eye on systems and help with any problems.

3. Extend Your In-House Knowledge

You may have an in-house IT person or a designated employee who handles IT in addition to their regular duties. You put a lot of faith in them to keep your IT systems running smoothly. What happens if a critical failure occurs while on vacation, sick, or attending an external event or meeting? What if they're already dealing with one crisis and another pops up at the same time? When you use outsourced IT support, you always have a team of experts on hand who are never sick or on vacation. They can create solutions to supplement and support your in-house IT team.

4. Hiring Your Own IT Staff 

You might be considering hiring your own internal IT person. How do you ensure that you hire people with the right skill set for your company if you don't have a technical background?

At the best of times, recruitment is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. If you are not familiar with technical jargon, it is easy to become perplexed. If you hire the wrong person, this could be an expensive mistake for your business.

You won't have to be concerned if you use outsourced IT support. You'll always have access to a team of highly trained IT specialists with the most up-to-date industry qualifications, technical knowledge, and skill set.

5. Concentrate On Your Business

You should prioritize things like staffing, costs, and, most importantly, meeting your customers' needs. You are not required to waste time worrying about and resolving computer issues.

Outsourced IT support will provide you with complete peace of mind, relieve the stress of managing your technology needs, and allow you to concentrate on running your business.

6. Boost Employee Productivity

You may believe that keeping responsibility for your technology in-house and distributing it internally will save you money. It's likely that your employees aren't concentrating on their primary tasks and are constantly distracted by nagging IT issues, resulting in a significant drop in productivity.

Your employees can call a dedicated Service Desk for outsourced IT support, where a technician will quickly diagnose and fix their problem. This will expedite problem resolution, reduce downtime, and allow employees to focus on their core responsibilities, allowing them to be more productive.

7. Using the Most Up-to-Date Technology

The IT landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace. How do you find out if a new product, software upgrade, or application could help you improve your current operations?

An outsourced IT support provider will be at the cutting edge of technology, with partnerships and accreditations with industry-leading technology companies like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, and Sophos. They will gain advanced knowledge and training on the most recent technological advancements and solutions that will benefit your company.

8. Additional Services and Solutions are Available

Do you require a disaster recovery strategy? Your outsourced IT support provider will have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of IT specialties and will already be familiar with your company's requirements. They will offer you a variety of additional services as well as expert advice.

9. Avoidance of Problems

Your current IT strategy may be based on a "break/fix" scenario. This means that by the time you realize there's a problem, your company's and employees' productivity has already been harmed, and you're likely to be dealing with long periods of downtime.

Your provider can focus on issue avoidance by proactively monitoring your systems with outsourced IT support. Problems can be fixed before they harm your business, virtually eliminating downtime and ensuring that your IT services are always available when you require them.

When is Outsourced IT Support Needed?

Small businesses typically benefit the most from fully outsourcing their IT support. This usually entails appointing an outside firm to manage their IT systems, ensuring that all updates are made, security measures are put in place, and data is safely stored and backed up.

Partial outsourcing, which entails hiring a single specialist or a small team and employing a professional IT support service, is also an option for businesses. This approach ensures that your company has complete IT support if your in-house specialist or team takes time off, becomes ill, or requires additional assistance with complex systems or software-related issues.

Partially outsourcing can also refer to the division of IT responsibilities. Certain aspects of system IT maintenance are handled by in-house teams, while others are delegated to the IT support service. This is a good strategy for companies where the IT team's responsibilities overlap or complex IT issues that are too time-consuming to fix in-house without wasting resources.

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