Project Description

Owt is the new map based app designed to help you keep track of your restaurant and food recommendations; and share these with your friends. Follow the people you trust to see their favourite places - friends, bloggers and food writers!

About The Project

Emveep work closely with three friends who live in London to create a website that fulfill their dream to make people's lives easier and make finding and remembering their  favourite places to eat a fun experience

Features :

  • Create your own Owt map and restaurant list ​
  • Get real time restaurant recomendations from the people you know and trust
  • Keep up to date with the hottest new restuarant openings and what your friends have to say about them
  • Save time and hassle when trying to choose your next eating out experience by using Owt to suggest restaurants either near your current location or move the map to select an area
  • Read about what your friends said about each restaurant, their photos and how many have recommended it

Technology :

  • Firebase realtime database
  • Native iOS framework
  • GMap for mobile iOS