Project Description

Raiz is a financial service, helping you to save and invest your money. Raiz enable Australians to start early, invest often, and reach their financial goals. Raiz helps you proactively invest. One key feature is round-ups, Raiz round up each of your transactions to the nearest dollar, and invest the change into a diversified portfolio. Simply connect a debit card, or other funding source, then provide us with some basic information. We give you the option of choosing a portfolio that is in line with your investment goals and the amount of risk you’re comfortable taking.

About The Project

We Help Raiz to develop a mobile apps in Android to help people in Australia to invest their money. We put a serious security systems to secure about Raiz users information.

Features :

  • Round-ups
  • Recurring
  • Lump Sums

Technology :

  • Native Android framework