Project Description

Julo is a Innovative Financial  Technology that provide unsecured loan for Indonesian Citizen via smartphone application basics. Julo Provide Easy and affordable credit access that help people to fulfill their financial needs, improve the quality of life, and increase the country’s economy.

About The Project

We develop an informative  website and user friendly mobile apps for Julo. This Application help people to get an unsecured loan only by signing in to the mobile apps and complete the form and documentation.

Features :

  • Flexible Credit Option
  • Multiple Payment Method
  • Credit Scoring
  • Cashback for loan
  • Chat CS

Technology :

  • Full User
  • User data scraping
  • Kotlin, MVVM, RXKotlin
  • CicleCI
  • Clean git flow
  • Unit testing, experimental testing
  • Firebase Test Lab
  • Third party (LinkedIn, Facebook API)