Project Description

HarukaEdu is a new solution to an affordable, accessible and higher education in Indonesia. It empowers Indonesian universities and training providers to offer quality online degree and training programs. There are a variety of challenging projects people can join to improve the quality of education that will impact millions of students in Indonesia.About The Project

About The Project

Harukaedu Approach Emveep to develop web and mobile apps that help many people to fulfill their needs about education through the online learning. We create an informative website and interactive mobile apps which allows student undertake the learning processes, practice quizzes, interact live with lecturer, revisit past materials and other integrated activities.

Features :

  • Tracking lesson materials
  • Live session with lecturer and classmates
  • Forum Discussion
  • Online lesson materials
  • Schedule
  • Notifications

Technology :

  • Firebase
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Youtube API
  • SoundCloud API
  • Espresso