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Batumbu is an MSME funding platform that has 3 stakeholders, including funder or lander, borrower, and partner. The projects carried out focus on the ease with which borrowers meet funders.

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The service chosen by Batumbu in this project is the extended team. Batumbu recruited an Emveep backend with the Golang programming language to enhance the experience of funders in funding MSMEs on the Batumbu platform. So that in the future, a borrower will quickly meet the funder through an intermediary partner in funding his business in the Batumbu Marketplace.


Developed the registration feature on the Batumbu platform.

Develop authentication factor feature for security.

Added popular features in search funder or borrower.

Onboarding funder feature for submitting data to the Batumbu platform.

Improved features of providing funds for borrowers.

Funding Commitment feature for funders in finding suitable borrowers.

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