custom software development for education credential management platform
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Project Description

Blockchain technology makes education faster and less costly, secures academic records so that they can’t be tampered with or lost, improves record storage and transferability, and combats fraudulent claims by proving the legitimacy of credentials.


About the Project

Emveep developed the Credential Management Platform based on Blockchain Technology. Blockchain-based credential wallet creates a new way of managing and identifying talents for companies, as the blockchain allows employers to cast the net wide beyond their industries and geographic area to identify hard-to-find talents with credentials. One of the biggest challenges is the accuracy and timeliness of past employment records and skills/competence hence reducing onboarding costs and management overhead.



1. Credential Management, right from Certificate Template Studio to the Issuance of credentials.

2. Credential Management such as Revocation, Cancellation, Expiration, and Re-issuance of Certificate and Transcripts in one simple interface.

3. General Users, allowing them to check their certificates whether registered (validated) or no in the blockchain



1. ExpressJS

2. ReactJS

3. MySQL

4. Redis