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Fixington is a tradesmen management tool that makes the work of tradesmen easier. This tool completed with a calendar and billing app that can be used by tradesmen to manage their work.

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We build a web and mobile application for IOS that help Fixington to match their customer with the best tradesperson to solve their problem. This application helps independent tradesman simply track jobs, create invoices, and process payments at the same time. With this tool, highly skilled tradesmen won’t spend too much time doing paperwork and marketing so they can enjoy a better steady stream of work. They don’t have to worry about marketing, scheduling, and payment processing stuff anymore. Householders also can enjoy the convenience of online booking and convenient payment processing.


Synchronize all data with a central server.

Simple calendar and job list designed.

Customize a professional invoice.

Create and send an estimate for any future potential work.

Keep track of charges and payments.

Import contacts for the invoices.

Take card payments using an iZettle device.

Offline access to browse and create all your jobs and customers offline.

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