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Project Description

MedicTrust believe that medical records influence life on many levels, from managing dietary intake vitamins, and prescriptions to keeping tracks of medical conditions, vaccinations, and other procedures. MedicTrust provides patient with a personalized health management tool that is secure, easy-to-use, and most importantly, life-empowering

About The Project

MedicTrust Approach Emveep to develop web and mobile apps that help many people to keep their medical records and share it with the doctors or hospital. We built both online and offline features that help user to stored and share their medical record by email or PDF. The mobile apps is serve for IOS and Android smartphone. The best thing out from this app is that user can consult their health condition with affiliated Medictrust doctors by medhub feature to get a second opinion on their health.

Features :

  • Allergies , blood test, vaccinations, and pregnancies record
  • Doctor Assesment
  • X-rays storing place
  • Medications Monitor
  • Online and Offline sharing record

Technology :

  • Android : parse push notfication, google location, database ormlite, retrovit (for API connection), Glide (for image loader), facebook API (for login and get user status), and acra (a crash reporting tool).
  • IOS: parse (push notification), core data (database), core location, ocr (for record reading), objective c (for programming language), facebook (login).
  • Ruby on Rails for API, push notification and mysql database