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RE/MAX is a real estate agency website that lists properties for sale and rent worldwide. Users can browse a diverse selection of property types, including apartments, houses, hotels and more. In addition Users can search their properties according to lifestyle, location, and budget.

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We strategically enhanced RE/MAX's online presence and search visibility by crafting a redesigned website built upon the foundation of SEO best practices. Their provided design template guided the creation of a visually engaging and intuitive user experience. In parallel, we meticulously implemented technical SEO optimizations to amplify the website's potential for higher search engine rankings.


Rebuilt website on WordPress for ease of use.

Added multi-currency support (US Dollar, Indonesian Rupiah).

Implemented SEO optimizations for enhanced visibility.

Created location-based property search functionality.

Added search bar for finding properties.

Developed agency profile pages.

Integrated login/logout for user security.

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