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We're the Power Behind Digital Product Startups

Our Startup Studio work with international startups to develop digital product from scratch, help entrepreneurs launch, and optionally maintain and enhance the tech product for the long-term. Through our large capacity, startup experience, and proven processes, we dare to say we are different.

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Worldwide Experience

For over 15 years, our startup studio has provided strategic MVPs and solid technical expertise developer for industries like fintech, healthcare and more.

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Trusted & Reliable

Work with developers who understand the need and have reasonable rates. Spend your startup money wisely to reach the market faster.

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Fast Response & On schedule

Speed and meet the deadline are our priorities. Book our service now and we’ll be there sooner. Fast response, cheaper, better.

Many Industries Are Helped By Our Startup Studio


Develop effortless and faster transactions with a blockchain technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of AI to automate tasks, optimize processes, and enhance customer experience.


Empowering financial decision-making through technology innovation.


Patient-friendly software to ease the workload of hospital employees.


Transforming the way you live, work and play with cutting-edge IoT solutions.

E-commerce & Online store

Elevate online shopping experience by offering personalized, fast and secure checkout.

Event & Entertainment

Extend the convenience of an event with an advanced features.


Optimizing learning process to make memorable learning experience with technology today.

Real Estate

Connects homeowners and renters seamlessly with the use of modern technology.


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Completed projects


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Website Development

Whether you need web design, development, and testing, we have the skills and experience to deliver best performance of website.

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We covered startup studio in web development services

Mobile App Development

Don't let a lack of app development expertise hold your startup back any longer. Take action now and contact us for a consultation.

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We covered startup studio in mobile development services.
Come have a coffee with us in Bali

Come have a coffee with us in Bali

If you are in the Island, meet us for a coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The engagement process is the period of time when we work closely with you to understand your needs, expectations, and goals, and to deliver the best possible solution for your project. The engagement process will take minimum 3 month, as we need to go through several stages such as planning, designing, developing, testing, and launching your product. Drop us a message and let’s begin the engagement process today.

It depends on various factors such as the scope, complexity, etc. We are always open to discussing your needs and expectations and finding the best solution for your budget. Drop us a message, and let’s discuss how to work together to create something unique.

Fix Bid is more suitable if you want to build your MVP product from scratch and doesn’t have any inhouse team who will be involved in the project while Extended Team more suitable when you already have existing code or need additional team member. However our Extended Team service also can be used to build your MVP, please discuss with us for further details.

There are several factors that determine how many team members will be needed to build your product. These include the project’s type, size, complexity, etc. We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who can handle any project, from simple to complex, from small to large, and from web to mobile. Drop us a message, and let’s start working on your product together.

The duration of building your products depends on various factors, such as the features, functionality, etc. Our team of experts can deliver your products without compromising quality and performance. Let’s discuss it together and find the best timeline for both of us. Drop us a message, and let’s get started on your products today.
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