5 News Updates On Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Month

Posted 14/07/23

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Android apps are constantly evolving and improving, offering new features, services, and experiences to users. This month, we have seen some remarkable news and updates on Android apps that you should not miss. In this article, we will cover five of the most important and interesting news on Android apps this month, and what they mean for you as an Android user. Whether you are looking for a new way to travel, a new social media platform, a new learning tool, or a new update on your favorite messaging app, we have something for you. Here are the five news updates on Android apps this month:

5 News Updates on Android this Month

1. Cruise Launch New Robotaxi App

cruise robotaxi app

On June 21, 2023, a company called Cruise released an application for city transportation services in San Francisco. This App has been awaited by many people, with more than 20% of people having added it to their app wishlist on the google play store. At first, this Robotaxi was only for iOS users. It should be noted that the Robotaxi app is an application service for transportation users, especially taxis with no drivers.

They operate 24 hours in the San Francisco area. Furthermore, not only launched as an Android application but several features have been improved based on customer feedback. The new feature is that users can now press and hold on to a position on the map shown in the App. The feature allows users to drop a pin and move it around to where they want to go.

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2. Threads App Signs up 100m Users in Less Than a Week

threads new app from meta

Meta launched a new application called Threads with an application theme almost the same as Twitter. Based on several news sites, the New Meta application can break the record as the fastest-growing App in history, hitting 100 million users in five days. 

Since the launch of the Threads application, in just two hours, it has reached 2 million users. What an incredible number. With this, the chatGPT position has shifted to the second.

If you need to learn about the new Meta application, read our previous discussion. Is Threads a Meta maneuver to Twitter?

3. Drain Battery on Meta New App

Threads app caused drain battery in some smartphone

After the good news that blew his new meta-application a few days ago, there was a report from a thread account named Courtney stating that he had experienced a drastic change in his cell phone battery after it was complete. Exactly the statement goes like this:

“Last night, I went to bed with a fully charged phone and woke up with 60% battery. I deleted the stupid App.”

This case is temporarily stated to be fixed by Meta itself.

4. Elins Dref, the School App

Elin cricket build Elins Dref, the School App

An application idea that you can develop is called Elins Dref. The creator of this application is named Elin Cricket. By providing the default feature in the form of a series of learning needs for colleges, such as accessing email, setting up a schedule, managing homework, and creating to-do lists. This application originates from a championship held by Alun Eisteddfod, which will later be dedicated to the Alun School.

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5. Whatsapp Updates on iOS and Android Apps

whatsapp new feature update

Meta is having a major update on all of its applications. One of the Whatsapp applications will be updated often in the coming week for Android and iOS users. Here are some updates that will be issued by WhatsApp:

iOS Users:

  • New call icon
  • New context menu
  • Redesigned Settings page and a few more tweaks here and there.

Android users:

  • The new navigation bar will come 
  • New UI keyboard
  • so much more.

Key Takeaway: What is Your Android App Update Today?

In conclusion, this month has been full of news and updates on Android apps, from the launch of Cruise’s Robotaxi app, which offers a driverless taxi service in San Francisco, to the phenomenal growth of Meta’s Threads app. 

This challenges Twitter’s dominance in social media; there is plenty of innovation and excitement in the Android world. However, only some things are perfect, as some users have reported battery drain issues with Meta’s new App, and some features are still exclusive to iOS users. 

On the other hand, some promising apps aim to help students and learners, such as Elins Dref, which provides a comprehensive learning management system. And finally, WhatsApp users can look forward to new features and improvements on iOS and Android platforms in the coming week. These are some of the main points from this month’s Android app news.

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