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How To Hire an Offshore Software Development Team

Posted 12/10/22

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In this technological era, informational technology and software development is growing rapidly. As a result, many businesses are trying to create suitable and competitive programs to stay relevant in this era.

Outsourcing and hiring offshore are more popular than ever. It allows you to hire people from all over the world and even have them collaborate. While outsourcing is not an easy task if you need to learn how to hire offshore software developers. This decision can actually make or break the success of your project.

5 Proven Effective Steps on How to Hire Offshore Software Developers

There are many ways to find a suitable offshore developers‘ team for your project. But we summarize the most effective step for you. There are 5 steps that you can take to help you find the most suitable offshore software development team for your project.

Define Goals and Objective

You must know what you want to determine how to outsource your project. What type of application do you want to create? What kind of developers are you looking for? Is infrastructure required for the project? What is the anticipated time to market? What are the quality standards? Your budget proposal? What contingency plans do you have in place?

To successfully hire offshore developers, these and many other questions must be answered before you start looking for developers. Your list of needs and goals should be as comprehensive as possible, covering every aspect of the project.

Define your budget

You should hire a software developer based on your already planned budget. Hence if you are trying to negotiate the project cost, you should take a closer look at which service and infrastructure are already included in the total price.

Analyze the developers

After deciding what your project will be like and your budget range, the next thing to do is to identify the offshore developer suitable to your requirement. Thus you should request the portfolio of the vendors. On the portfolio, there are several points that you need to analyze:


The first is Skills. The mentioned skill should be included in what abilities the developers have. And how knowledgeable are they? Are they in line with your requirements? What kind of programming language they can write?


Next is the experience. Experience tells a lot about a person’s problem-solving abilities. The more experienced a developer is, the more diverse the software problems they have faced. But make sure not to value a developer team only based on their age of service.

Past clients

The next important part is the past client. Each developer has a portfolio or resumes with information about their previous clients. So you can contact them to confirm that they are who they claim to be. In addition, you will better understand the developer’s capabilities for handling projects from past clients.

After you have these details and have decided on the most suitable developer, you should contact them to schedule an interview.

Evaluate the skillset

After inviting the candidate, you must go through the interviewing process. In the interview process, there are also several key tests that you should do to get a better understanding of the developer’s capabilities. For example, you can evaluate through the following test:


The main reason for the questionnaire is to better understand the developer’s problem-solving ability. And the reason that these problem-solving capabilities are important is that each software is needed to solve different and specific issues. So the software developer must be innovative and adapt when faced with a challenge or additional coding.

Coding tests

the coding text allows you to directly evaluate the candidate’s actual code ability. There are plenty of tools that you could use to assess the true coding skill of the candidate. When the candidate finishes the assignment test, you could analyze the grade and score the ability of the developer candidate objectively. However, coding tests are often used when hiring in-house rather than offshore developers for a startup.

Communication skill

Managing offshore software developers requires you to have clear communication. The main reason for this key point is the language barrier and cultural difference between you and the developer. And to solve the problem, you should hire a developer with good communication skills. Otherwise, you will need help sharing your requirements and making them understand your expectation of the project.

Complete Work Conditions and Legal Agreements

The hiring process for offshore developers ends on the topic of Complete work conditions based on a Legal Agreement. The legal part is to ensure your and the developer’s safety. As you already know, both parties will be exchanging crucial information.

As an example, the developer will have your company’s key information. The law could protect you to avoid any unwanted accident that may happen in the process of the project. On the other hand, the complete work condition tells the developer when the contract between you and the developer should end. This helps the developer avoid additional work not included in the contract.


And that is how you hire an offshore development team for your project. However, keep in mind that reputation is one of the most important aspects of evaluating the integrity and credibility of a software development team. And here in Emveep, you can check our portfolio and past projects to better understand our client satisfaction. So contact us to get more information about software development.


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