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Haruka Ronin

Project Description

CyberRonin Haruka, a.k.a. Haruka Ronin is a limited collection of 5555 avatars that connects the metaverse to the physical world. The 5555 pieces represent the spirit of the Haruka CYBERRONIN clan that fights against the tyranny and control from the evil Harada family.


About The Project

Haruka ronin choose an extended team for creating the website NFT. Emveep's role in the project is to participate in developing the front page of the website, generating NFT images, creating smart contracts, and integrating them with the ETH wallet.



  • Creating a website for minting NFT
  • Generate NFT image
  • Create smart contracts
  • Smart contract integration to web frontend via ETH



1. React Js

2. Solidity